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Snapshots of St. George's

Geronimo - A Ship at Sea


About Geronimo

Geronimo is a voyage of self-discovery. Through excursions that last up to six weeks, students discover the joys and challenges of life aboard our 70-foot cutter.

sea turtle


Students sailing aboard Geronimo this school year will be taking part in a unique set of trips that will take the ship along the east coast of the United States from Rhode Island to the Bahamas and back.


Captain's Log

See what the crew has been up to, and where the voyage will take them next in the Captain's Log.

Kim Bullock

Kim Bullock

Director of Diversity,
science teacher

What’s your goal for students of color?

“My big thing is that I want the students to be comfortable and to make an impact on St. George’s. If they engage in the community and maybe even start a new tradition, they will be imprinted on this school, not just passing through.”

Ed Mudrak

Ed Mudrak

Head of the Music Department

What role does music play at St. George’s?

“It’s just a great outlet for the kids. It’s an integral part of student life here—and a very visible part of the community.”

Colin Mort

Colin Mort

Head of the English Department,
varsity squash coach

How do you typically get through to kids?

“My goals are always to get kids to do their best work and to know the kids as well as I can. That way I can help them in as many situations as possible, whether that’s in the classroom or on the squash court.”

Effie Blue

Effie Blue

Boarding student from Baltimore, MD.

“St. George's has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual, as a learner, and it has provided me with great opportunities.”

Things that make Effie happy: “Community outreach, playing a team sport, and building relationships that will last a lifetime.”

What she’s obsessed with right now: “Field hockey. I have played field hockey for four years and now I’m on the varsity team. I want to progress and improve.”

Tony Wang

Tony Wang

Boarding student from BEIJING, CHINA

“St. George's has given me the opportunity to explore and challenge myself daily, and to look at every aspect of life from a different angle.”

What makes Tony happy: “Small things, like explaining a math problem to my peer, to bigger achievements, like finishing a video, or pushing myself to finish a very hard workout routine.”

What he’s obsessed with right now: “Filmmaking and photography.”

Irem Tural

Irem Tural

DAY student from PORTSMOUTH, R.I.

“St. George’s has given me the chance to grow personally, socially and athletically. I’ve acquired an excellent global perspective through Geronimo and trips abroad.”

Things that make Irem happy: “My successes in sports and any opportunities that help me to show my true potential.”

What she’s obsessed with right now: “Cooking and baking innovative, tasty and creative dishes! I believe this will help me become independent and well rounded.”

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