Our Hilltop

In order to best ensure the health and safety of our campus family, we are asking that all students and parents/guardians agree to the terms of our Community Agreement. Scroll down to "sign."

St. George’s Community Agreement

As a member of the St. George’s community, I recognize that I play a critical role in helping to create a healthy and safe environment for all those who live, learn, and work on the Hilltop.

As such, I pledge to do my part to mitigate the risk and the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable viruses on our campus by strictly adhering to all federal, state, local, and St. George’s School public-health protocols.

I understand that St. George’s may update these guidelines should federal, state, or local health authorities modify current standards, and I agree to keep myself informed and to follow any new guidelines throughout the 2020-21 school year. Specifically, I will do the following:

Health and Hygiene

  • Share details of my travel during the two weeks preceding the reopening of school. 
  • Complete a self-assessment prior to entering campus or leaving the dorm each day.
  • Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately report any indications of symptoms to the Health Center (with the knowledge that I will not be penalized for missing other school commitments to do so).
  • Adhere to Health Center hygiene guidance and wash my hands frequently.
  • Support the school’s efforts to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness of our physical spaces, including any disinfecting protocols requested of me in classrooms, dorms, and other gathering spaces.
  • Be vaccinated against Influenza, once the vaccine becomes available, or inform the Health Center if compliance with this request is not possible.
  • Abide by protocols St. George’s establishes for hygiene in the use of shared bathrooms. 

Social Distancing, Face Coverings and other Behavioral Requirements

  • Wear a face mask/covering (except while alone or only my roommate in my dorm room, or when eating with adequate physical distancing) and adhere to physical distancing guidelines in all indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Bring at least five washable cloth masks or face coverings to my initial, start-of-school medical screening, and regularly launder my masks throughout the school year.
  • Comply with campus signage and prescribed foot-traffic patterns when moving around campus and between buildings. 
  • Follow assigned meal and extracurricular schedules.
  • If I am a boarding student, refrain from off-campus travel deemed nonessential by the Student Life Office and refrain from entering any dormitory other than my own.
  • If I am a day student, I will not enter dormitory spaces and I will depart campus immediately after fulfilling my last commitment.

Isolation and Quarantine

  • Follow isolation requirements established and managed by the Health Center should I become infected with COVID-19.
  • Follow testing and quarantine procedures as determined by the Health Center and Rhode Island Department of Health should I be determined to be a contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19. 

Testing and Contact Tracing

  • Willingly and immediately participate in wellness checks as requested by faculty or staff members. 
  • Truthfully engage in a contact-tracing interview in order to identify those at risk of being or becoming infected should I test positive for COVID-19. (If my test is conducted by an outside health care provider, I will similarly share truthful information with the Health Center.)

Updated Aug. 4, 2020

Commitment to the Community Compact

By doing my part to keep myself and those around me in the St. George’s community safe and healthy, I am best upholding the ethical and moral expectations of my school. 

I recognize and understand that these St. George’s health and safety protocols are intended to mitigate, rather than eliminate, the risk of contracting COVID-19 and that adherence to this compact will not serve as a guarantee that I will not become ill.

I also recognize and understand that my ability to access the St. George’s campus for in-person learning and events is predicated upon my adherence to this compact and that if I fail to comply with this agreement, I may be compelled to engage in compulsory remote learning for the remainder of the 2020-21 academic year.

Therefore, I pledge to act responsibly, to be mindful of my own physical and mental well-being, to show my respect and concern for the well-being of others — and to uphold the overall spirit of kindness and compassion put forth in the St. George’s Mission.