Geronimo is a voyage of self-discovery. Student crew members discover the joys and challenges of life aboard a 69-foot cutter as they sail along one leg of a tour that will take the boat along the eastern coast of the U.S., from Rhode Island to the Bahamas and back. As they live, learn and explore together, classmates discover what it truly means to be a crew.

Captain’s Log

Crossing the Finish Line

We crossed the finish line at 2:43 local time early this morning. Natalie was standing by the chart and GPS to get the exact moment we crossed the line to report to race control. It is hard to say right now where we stand overall as time correction factors still need to be applied to everyone’s time but I’m cautiously optimistic that we will come out in good standing. Over the course of the race we were able to overtake all of our competitors in class C and D which consists of modern vessels like Geronimo. We held our lead against them all the way until the finish. Everyone on board is deservedly proud of this accomplishment. 

With the race behind us and the sun finally out we are enjoying a leisurely motor sail through the Strait of Canso. Kari and Krysten currently have the watch, along with Ms. Hadley, navigating us through this narrow waterway which bisects lower Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. We plan to stop at Port Hawkesbury, midway through the Strait, to clear into Canadian customs and catch up on some sleep.

Posted by Jill Hughes in Archived - 2017 Summer Geronimo on Sunday June 25, 2017
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Off to the Races!

We are currently cruising at 9kts across the Gulf of Maine aiming for the first waypoint of the course. Its been a competitive race and at all times we have been in sight of other vessels. This has built extra excitement and pressure to stay ahead of them. The crew has done remarkably well adjusting to their new surroundings and responsibilities on board. The students were thrown right into the thick of it and have risen to the occasion. Sailing Geronimo at this speed demands a lot of attention. Kenta and Vivian have already stood out as skilled helmsmen, both are able to hold a steady course, in challenging conditions, for their entire turn on the helm. Kari led the charge in the galley this morning preparing us breakfast after four hours on watch. Mac put together a navigation presentation about the race and our opponents that he shared this afternoon. Everyone has been contributing to the success of this leg of the voyage.

We are roughly a third of the way through the course and expect to cross the finish line in less than two days time. It will be interesting to see how the sailing conditions change as we round Cape Sable at the southern end of Nova Scotia.

Posted by Jill Hughes in Archived - 2017 Summer Geronimo on Friday June 23, 2017
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Summer Geronimo Begins

The summer Geronimo program has begun! The student crew joined the boat yesterday in Boston and are already well settled in. Last night after a vessel orientation and dinner on deck we ventured out for ice cream and a walk up to Bunker Hill. 

This morning Krysten stepped up to be the first cook of the voyage, preparing a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. Afterwards we headed into Boston to explore the city and look at some of the larger sailboats and ships in port. Once back aboard Geronimo we turned our attention to shipboard safety and routines, extensively going over the vessel’s safety equipment and everyone’s responsibilities in the event of an emergency. 

We have just wrapped up dinner and dishes and are about to sit around the main salon table and discuss our first sail together as a crew. This trip will bring us north to Nova Scotia and the Strait of Canso. While in route we will be racing against the other sail training vessels also heading from Boston to Nova Scotia. The wind looks favorable making for a speedy and competitive race. Everyone is looking forward to getting underway tomorrow morning.

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