Geronimo is a voyage of self-discovery. Student crew members discover the joys and challenges of life aboard a 69-foot cutter as they sail along one leg of a tour that will take the boat along the eastern coast of the U.S., from Rhode Island to the Bahamas and back. As they live, learn and explore together, classmates discover what it truly means to be a crew.

Captain’s Log



Natalie spotted the first whale as we rounded Cap Des Rosiers and officially entered the Seaway. Humpback whales surfaced and dove all around Geronimo as me crept along at 2kts along the Quebec coast. At this point we’ve seen three of the five baleen species of whales found in the waterway: minke, finn, and humpback. 

All of the vessels participating in the Rendezvous 2017 event are currently converging on Quebec City. Over the past two days we’ve been sailing in the company of these ships from all over the world. Yesterday we received a horn salute from Esmeralda the 371’ Chilean square rigger as we crossed their stern. The fleet is playing a nautical game of leap frog as we move along the coastline as vessels switch from sailing to motoring and duck in and out of anchorages. 

Making ground to the west has been a challenge as the wind is also coming from that direction. Last night we sailed Geronimo the best we could to only make 20 nm in the direction we need to go. I guess it was just a matter of time before our luck ran out, especially after having three weeks of great sailing. As a result of these conditions we are currently tucked into a small bay at St. Louis, QC waiting for the wind direction to improve. After a night of bouncing around this is a welcome break. Most students are up on deck right now enjoying the sun and reading. Later this evening we will resume our pursuit of making ground to the west.

Posted by Jill Hughes in Archived - 2017 Summer Geronimo on Wednesday July, 12, 2017


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