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  • About GeronimoAbout Geronimo Geronimo is a voyage of self-discovery. Through excursions that range from four weeks to six, students discover the joys and challenges of life aboard our 69-foot cutter.
  • Science at Sea Science at Sea Geronimo is more than a teaching vessel; the program is a hands-on learning experience.
  • One of the CrewOne of the Crew Seven students and three professional sailors make up the Geronimo crew. As they live, learn and explore together, classmates discover what it truly means to be a crew.
  • Transatlantic Voyage Transatlantic Voyage In 2015, Geronimo will embark on a transatlantic voyage. Students will learn about the oceanography and marine ecology of the Mediterranean, while exploring ancient civilizations and different cultures.
  • Global Studies Global Studies The Global Studies Seminar is a yearlong elective course that focuses on the global forces that connect our world. The opportunity to conduct in-depth research, travel abroad and present their work gives our students a global lens on the challenges that face our world.
  • Global Cultural Initiatives Program Global Cultural Initiatives Program (GCIP) Our GCIP program partners hands-on experience with a strong cultural awareness component. While living with a host family in London, Madrid or Paris, students participate in dynamic three-week internships.
  • Our Partner Schools Our Partner Schools St. George’s enjoys partner relationships with forward-thinking schools across the globe. Students who travel to our partner schools come back with lifelong memories—and new international friends and connections.
  • Study Abroad Study Abroad St. George’s students interested in a yearlong global study experience have participated in School Year Abroad, a program that sends students to live with a host family and attend school in China, France, Italy or Spain.
Sailing Schedule

Signature Programs

Unique learning opportunities at St. George’s challenge our students to grow into confident leaders, critical thinkers and expert problem solvers.

For many students, four years at St. George’s includes sailing across the open seas, entering the working world as interns and serving  communities in need. Even though St. George’s students are exposed to people from different cultures and traditions  right on campus, global programs allow for deep insight into life beyond the Hilltop. Other programs, such as our Rogers Scholars Program in Washington, D.C., and our SGx design-thinking program help students explore possibilities for the future.


Students who enroll in the Geronimo program spend several weeks sailing along one leg of a transatlantic voyage that between 2015 and 2017 will see the ship traveling in a grand loop from Rhode Island across to the Azores and Spain, through the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece, back to the Canary Islands and Puerto Rico — and finally back up the East Coast of the United States. The Geronimo Program is multidimensional — combining a strong curricular component and cultural immersion with the development of skills in sailing, leadership and teamwork. Interested students can apply as early as their third-form year for a journey the following year. Before applying, prospective crewmembers must be in good academic standing and confident in their ability to manage a full course load while on board. 

Fall 2018 Voyage

Rhode Island to The Bahamas

9.23.18 - 11.4.18

January 2019 Voyage

Florida to The Bahamas

1.3.19 - 1.23.19

February 2019 Voyage


1.29/19 - 2.19/19

Spring Break Voyage

The Bahamas/Carribbean

3.9.19 - 3.16.19

Spring 2019 Voyage

The Bahamas to Georgia

3.31.19 - 5.12.19

The Rogers Scholars Program

The Rogers Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for students to gain intimate knowledge of our federal government and the many career options available in the nation’s capital. Through face-to-face meetings with alumni working in Washington, D.C., and their colleagues, students learn from people who’ve built impressive resumes serving in a variety of fields, including technology, polling, campaign strategy, lobbying and lawmaking. 

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Global Studies & Exchanges

Exposure to new ideas and experiences through St. George’s Global Studies Seminar, our Global Cultural Initiatives Program (GCIP) exchanges and study abroad opportunities help our students grow into independent thinkers with an appreciation and respect for diverse cultures throughout the world.

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