Dr. Moss concludes her tenure at St. George's

Following an extraordinary 29-year tenure at St. George’s, Dr. Patricia Moss, a dedicated steward of St. George’s academic program, will close her final chapter on the Hilltop at the end of this school year. “We all know that St. George’s wouldn’t be the place it is today without the work of Pat Moss,” Head of School Eric Peterson reported to faculty earlier this week upon announcing Pat’s departure.  Read more here.

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Appreciation and Tributes 

Pat, quite simply, you were the finest manager of people and situations I have ever encountered. We arrived on the Hilltop the same year: you as the seasoned academic administrator; me as the nascent English teacher. The compassion and empathy with which you handled often-challenging situations were emblematic of your personality. You instinctively knew what to do and how to do it. You didn't suffer the insignificant; rather, you always focused on what was important. The lessons I learned from you then, now serve me well today ... the mark of the best teachers. You and the school should be immensely proud of your accomplishments at St. George's. For me, you will always remain a trusted mentor and friend.

Stephen Harrison, former faculty


Dr. Moss, Thank you for cultivating my love of Latin. Our AP Latin class was one of the highlights of my SG experience. I will always have so much respect for you- for your awe-inspiring command of your discipline, your ability to connect with students and enliven Latin, your wit and sense of humor, the list goes on. Congratulations on an incredible career!

—Sara Plunkett ’06


Dr. Moss! You were a friend, mentor, and a absolute pleasure to be around. You were one of the highlights of my time in Newport and at St. George's. I always looked up to you -- you're dynamic, eccentric energy and love made my time so much better.

—McKenzie Reid Nagle ’13


You were an inspiration as a mentor, a teacher, and a feminist, during my entire 22 years at SG. [The photos here and on the website were taken as you announced my Chair, so they're especially meaningful to me!] Your intellect, wit, and style set a high standard--and high academic standards were your enduring contribution to the many fortunate students who had the benefit of your guidance. I hope that your years post-SG will be as satisfying as your tenure has been: I know that time won't be wasted!

—Patricia Lothrop, former faculty 


"So now it's your turn, Pat. For 20 years, you were my colleague, co-chair, confidant, and very good friend. Your first priority was always the students, but right behind were your commitments to the faculty and staff and to the highest quality academic program. You were my compass. I know you will bring the same energy and enthusiasm to the next chapter in your life, and I look forward once again to admiring it all.

—Joe Gould, faculty emeritus


"You said I would love Latin for life. I laughed. You were right; I was wrong! And for that, I will be forever grateful ... thank you!"

Kimberly Cockrell ’91


"I was a Latin 'scholar' when Pat came to the Hill. I had a class with her and Dean Carballal. We got to teach her what dipping meant. She was thinking skinny dipping. We clued her in on tobacco. She had Dean and me alone. We didn't make life easy as we were not Latin AP. She made herself available so that we could fulfill our language requirement. Not only was she a great teacher, but she watched out for her students. I hope she finds success after SG. She is an exceptional person and I am glad I got to meet her when she first got to SG.
Thank you for giving alumni this platform. Boarding school is a microcosm that very few people get to experience. Calling in sick really is not an option!
Thank you very much, Dr. Moss."

—Rob Ross ’90


"What a pleasure it was to have you as a colleague and a friend. Your high standards, calm presence, common sense, and humor all benefited those around you. I'm sure in retirement you will wonder how you ever had time to work!! Hope to see you in Newport."

—Carol Hamblet, former faculty 


"Dr. Moss-- Spike and me in Latin V: did it ever get better than us? I doubt it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart the deep impact you have had on my life. Your humor and wit, combined with your intelligence and devotion to students: if Aeneas had met you on his way instead of Dido, Rome may never have been founded. :-) Thank you specifically for teaching me through word and action, at such a critical juncture in my own development, that women are equal to men. My two years of Latin with you are some of the treasured times of my life. Blessings on this next season of your life!

Deb Edgar ’90


"I did terribly in Dr. Moss' AP Latin class, but I've always appreciated her sense of humor. Good luck in the next chapter, Dr. Moss!"

Mike Robey ’06


“Dr. Moss did the impossible three times per week – she brought the dead language Latin to life! I distinctly remember the passion for the language she brought to the AP Vergil course where we studied and translated Virgil’s 'Aeneid.' Between Dr. Moss reciting lines in dactylic hexameter in dramatic fashion from the Latin, and leading us through a deep analysis of the epic poem, it was difficult to not be inspired. Dr. Moss will be sorely missed at St. George’s.”

—Sam Livingston ’10


"Thanks, Doc Moss, for your wisdom and guidance over many years. We joined the SGS community together back in 1988, and I always valued your sharp mind, your wit, and your support. You challenged me- and all of our colleagues- to be better at the business of educating students, and you were a valuable mentor. I hope we will see you in the Newport neighborhood this summer and in the years to come. Enjoy a well-deserved break!"

—Tim Richards, former faculty


"Dear Pat, I will always remember your kindness and concern when my son, George Whiteley, fractured his femur and spent the last weeks of his junior year in the Health Center. You were always upbeat and supportive of both mother and son. I wish you the very best!"

—Bunny Wullschleger P’06


"My clearest memory of Pat was when she strongly encouraged me to take my junior off of science to pursue AP Art. This was completely counter to my vision of my path as a science person. I knew I wanted to pursue science and was super anxious about what taking a year off from science my junior year would like look for college applications, but I also really wanted to pursue art. I am SO glad she advised me out of my comfort zone and out of what was the 'typical' or 'presumed' path. Although I am not an artist, I so appreciate that exposure I had to art throughout St. George's."

—Kristin Hunter-Thomson ’99


"You made a wonderful mark on SG, Pat, and served as an honest mentor. Thank you."

—Peter Anderson, former faculty 


"Dr. Moss, I want to congratulate you on your many years of dedication and service to the students and faculty of St. George's. I hope your next stage in life is as fulfilling."

—Your brother, Andy


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