Capital Projects


We will renovate Arden-Diman-Eccles

Construction began in June 2023
$30.5 million ($27M raised)

At 52,000 square feet, Arden-Diman-Eccles is the largest dorm on campus — a natural social and residential hub. But it was built for a different era. To serve our students and our community today and into the future, it needs to be reimagined and renovated.

Our Plan:

  • Upgrade dorm rooms, bathrooms and faculty residences.
  • Design the facility to be home to 78 students and eight faculty families, ensuring a tight-knit dorm community with room to breathe.
  • Create vibrant common areas — including kitchens, study areas, and social spaces — that encourage spontaneous interactions.
  • At the garden level, create spaces for day students, integrating them into the daily life of the school and giving them a home base at the heart of campus.

We will create more on-campus faculty housing

$10 million

Our faculty members serve as mentors, advisors, and daily sources of inspiration for our students. Yet because of a shortage of housing on campus, too many of our teachers are living outside the main campus footprint and removed from the life of the school. By adding on-campus faculty housing we create a more complete, cohesive community.

Our Plan:

  • Construct two new buildings, each with three townhouses, on the Lower Road. (Construction completed June 2023)
  • Use the two right units and parts of both middle units as a swing space for students during the Arden-Diman-Eccles renovation.
  • Ultimately be able to sell six of our off-campus houses, providing more capital to reinvest in our campus.


If you are interested in learning more about these projects, please contact:


Jedd Whitlock ’94
Director of Advancement

Dana Schmaltz ’85
Board Chair

Ted Duff ’88
Campaign Committee Chair