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RISD students unveil Study Hall designs

Thirty different designs for a restored and renovated Study Hall in Memorial Schoolhouse were on display at the Center for Integrated Technology Building in Providence on July 26.

The project was the result of students from the Interior Architecture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design studying adaptive reuse of historic buildings.

The students visited the Hilltop on July 1 and spent the day taking measurements and learning about the Memorial Schoolhouse renovation project from a panel of SG faculty, staff, and students. They were tasked with coming up with potential solutions for turning the Study Hall into the new home of our Horton Center for Learning.

The architect of record on the Memorial Schoolhouse project is Vision 3 Architects in Providence. Although there is no expectation St. George’s will incorporate the RISD students’ ideas into the project, the collaboration is an opportunity to hear and see new thoughts for the space.

Two teams of critics reviewed the 30 projects, with RISD students each giving five-minute presentations and critics asking 10-minutes of questions. St. George’s Director of Operations George Staples, Archivist Val Simpson, Hunter Gallery Director and art teacher Steve Totin, and Will Simpson '14 all attended the presentations and got the chance to hear students talk about the inspirations for their designs.

Models and drawings from the final studio reviews will be on display in the Hunter Gallery this fall.