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Meet SG's new faculty

Nine new full-time and part-time faculty members are joining the Hilltop community for the 2019-20 school year. Pictured above from left to right are: Bob Kenneally, Sarah Harding, Kate Longo, Erin Meyer Wilson, Adam Bitzer, Devin McGrath-Conwell. Not pictured are: David Klann, Bill Longo, and Melissa Mogollon.

Adam Bitzer will be teaching chemistry and biology and helping in the afternoon program. He’s a graduate of Eaglebrook School and Westminster School and he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Salve Regina University and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and biotechnology from the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth. Adam’s been working on his doctorate at UMass Dartmouth, teaching as an adjunct professor at Salve Regina in biology and biochemistry, and as a teaching assistant in genetics and microbiology at UMass Dartmouth.

Sarah Harding will be teaching four sections of Spanish. An experienced educator, Sarah has taught in Texas and worked as a writer and translator. She’s a graduate of University of California - Santa Cruz, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies, and the University of Texas – Austin, where she earned a master’s in radio and TV/film.

Bob Kenneally will join the Athletic Department, working on strategic plan initiatives, heading the girls hockey program, and coaching golf, while also serving as a fellow in the STEM Department. Bob graduated from the Kent School and then Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior and management. He served in the Brown Athletic Department for 23 years, first as assistant and then associate athletic director, and as executive associate director. He has also served as Brown’s head women’s hockey coach and head men’s and women’s golf coach.

David Klann will teach two sections of physics. David is a graduate of Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in physics/geophysics and the University of Arizona with a master’s in astronomy. A boarding school veteran, including St. George’s, David has taught at The Hill School, Stony Brook School, and Wyoming Seminary.

Kate Longo will serve as Music Director. A native of Newport, Kate graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in music and education; the University of Oregon with a master’s in music conducting, and the University of Miami with a doctorate in choral conducting. She began her teaching career at Farmington High School and has worked in Florida since 2011, serving most recently as coordinator of choral studies and choral director at Florida International University.

Bill Longo will serve as Instrumental and Ensemble Music Director. Bill graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor's degree in music/trumpet; the City University of New York with a master’s in jazz performance; Queens College with a master’s in studio jazz writing; and University of Miami with a doctorate in jazz composition. Before moving to Newport, he was teaching at the University of Miami and New World School of the Arts.

Devin McGrath-Conwell joins the Humanities Department, where he will be teaching Reading Visual Texts as well as coaching soccer and serving as a dorm parent in Arden. Devin is a February 2019 graduate of Middlebury College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in film and media; English literature. Since graduation, he’s worked in the Middlebury advancement office as a reunion host coordinator and, this summer, as a second-year intern in the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program. He is a native of Maine. 

Melissa Mogollon will join us part-time, working in the Humanities Department, coordinating the writing center, and serving as a dorm parent in Auch in the fall and Buell in the spring. Mel is a graduate of George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in political communication and the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa with a master’s in creative writing, where she served as a teaching assistant. Mel just moved back east after working as a corporate communications specialist at The Walt Disney Studios. 

Erin Meyer Wilson will be teaching Asian civilization and modern world history and helping in the afternoons. Erin graduated from Davidson College with a bachelor’s in history and the University of Cambridge with a master’s in modern European history. She’s an experienced educator, having taught at Groves High School, Springside School, Queen Anne’s School, and Nightingale Bamford School.