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2022-2023 Winter Sports Awards Announced
Swim Team honorees at the 2022-2023 Winter Sports Award Ceremony


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Girls’ Basketball
MVP: Mia Fiore ’24
Coaches Cup: Ilana Rymszewicz ’25
Most Improved Player: Lila Jette ’26
ISL All-League and All-State honors: Mia Fiore ’24, Laura Johnson-Shedd ’24, and Emily Ryan ’25
ISL Honorable Mention: Molly Donovan ’25 and Aleah Bracey ’25

Boys’ Basketball
MVP: Anthony Daley ’24
Coaches Cup: Ryder Andersen ’23
Most Improved Player: Barrett Loer ’25
All-ISL and All-State: Anthony Daley ’24
ISL Honorable Mention and All-State: Tayeshawn Cunningham-Pemberton ’23
ISL Honorable Mention: Allyn Wright ’25

Girls’ Ice Hockey
MVP: Izzy Lahah ’23
Coaches Cup: Maisie Bechtel ’24
Most Improved Player: Mae Lial ’24
All-ISL and All-State: Zoe Puc ’24
ISL Honorable Mention and All-State: Catherine Atchison ’24, Izzy Lahah ’23

Boys’ Hockey
The Cutler Hockey Bowl: Ben Buckley ’23
Coaches Cup: Rocco Biafore ’23
Most Improved Player: Max Donatelli ’26
All-ISL and All-State: Everett Baldwin ’25, Ben Buckley ’23
ISL Honorable Mention and All-State: Colin Walsh ’25
ISL Honorable mention: Tate Pecknold ’24

Girls’ Squash
The Kate and Anna Bullard Squash Cup: Louisa Rawles ’23
The most improved player is Hollyday Bahr ’23
All-NEPSAC, ISL Honorable Mention and All-State: Louisa Rawles ’23
NEPSAC Honorable Mention, ISL Honorable Mention and All-State: Julia Dyson ’25
NEPSAC Honorable Mention and All-State: Ava Oakley ’25

Boys’ Squash
MVP: Bear Morris ’23
Coaches Cup: Oliver Scott ’24
Most Improved Player: Andrew Reilly ’24
ISL All-League and All-State: Alex Stewart ’25
All-State: Morgan Orr ’24 and Van Bolton ’25

Swim and Dive
The 1950 Swimming Bowl (for top-scoring girl): Zoe Chen ’26
Coaches’ Cup (girl): Kate Pickford ’24
Most Improved: Grace Patterson ’25
The 1950 Swimming Bowl (for top-scoring boy): Ryan Hellenthal ’24
Coaches’ Cup (boy): Teddy Otherwein ’24
Most Improved Swimmer: Thomas Yang ’25
All-NEPSAC swimming: Kelly Buban ’25, Zoe Chen ’26, Daisy Delehanty ’26, Ryan Hellenthal ’24, Cyrus Madom ’26, Luke Madom ’26, Teddy Orthwein ’24, Ava Pedro ’26, Kate Pickford ’24, Kade Walton ’23, and Thomas Yang ’25
All-NEPSAC diving: Cash Martin ’24 and Clara Heslam ’24

New School Swim and Dive Records
200 Medley Relay: Kelly Buban ’25, Zoe Chen ’26, Kate Pickford ’24 and Daisy Delehanty ’26
Girls 200 IM: Zoe Chen ’26
Boys 200 IM: Thomas Yang ’25
Girls diving: Clara Heslam ’24
Boys diving: Cash Martin ’24
Boys 500: Thomas Yang ’25
Girls 100 backstroke: Kelly Buban ’25