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2021-2022 Spring Sports Awards Announced
Spring Sports Awards

Dozens of Dragons were recognized at the Spring Sports Awards, with awards for Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, the Coaches Cup, and All-ISL and All-New England being announced.

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Boys' Track and Field
Boys' Track and Field Team: New England Class C Champion
ISL MVP: Daimein Garcia ’22 (Field Events)
All-ISL: Daimein Garcia ’22 (Shot Put, Javelin, Discus)
All-ISL Honorable Mention: Alpha Barry ’22 (100-Meter, 4x100-Meter Relay), Garret Gray ’22 (4x100-Meter Relay), Louis-David Pouliot ’23 (4x100-Meter Relay), Tosan Obatoyinbo ’22 (4x100-Meter Relay)
All-New England: Alpha Barry ’22 (100-Meter, 200-Meter), Daimein Garcia ’22 (Shot Put, Discus), Garret Gray ’22 (400-Meter), James McCarron ’24 (3,000-Meter)
New School Record: Daimein Garcia ’22 (Discus)
Holmes Track Cup: Alpha Barry ’22
Coaches' Cup: Christopher Elvin ’22
Most Improved Athlete: Ryan Growney ’24

Girls' Track and Field
ISL MVP: Zuriel Jimenez ’23 (Field Events)
• All-ISL: Zuriel Jimenez ’23 (Shot Put)
All-ISL Honorable Mention: Zuriel Jimenez ’23 (Javelin)
All-New England: Zuriel Jimenez ’23 (Shot Put, Javelin, Discus)
New School Record: Zuriel Jimenez ’23 (Shot Put)
• Hersey Track Cup: Zuriel Jimenez ’23
Coaches’ Cup: Delaney Reed ’22
Most Improved Athlete: Bennett Walker ’23, Brianna Boucher ’23

• All-ISL: Rocco Biafore ’23
Most Valuable Player: Rocco Biafore ’23
Coaches Cup: Fritz Nottebohm ’22
Most Improved: Blake O’Donnell ’24

Wood Sailing Award for Most Valuable Sailor: Sophie Fisher ’22
Leslie Sailing Bowl for Best Crew: Hope Breslin ’22
Most Improved Sailor: Kate Myles ’25
Coaches’ Cup: Courtland Doyle ’22

• All-ISL: Karla Acosta ’22, Abby Jones ’22
• All-ISL Honorable Mention: Ilana Rymszewicz ’25
Most Valuable Player: Karla Acosta ’22
Holly Williams Softball Cup: Lily Webber ’22, Clara Heslam ’24
Most Improved Players: Nicole Parks ’22, Ilana Rymszewicz ’25

All-ISL Honorable Mention: Kobe Julks ’22
Twitchell Baseball Cup for Most Valuable Player: Kobe Julks ’22
Reynolds Baseball Cup: Ryan Buckley ’22
Baseball RBI Cup: Harry Pachios ’25, Conor Weeks ’24

Girls' Lacrosse 
• All-ISL: Izzy Lahah ’23
• All-ISL Honorable Mention: Parker Lial ’23
• Most Valuable Player: Izzy Lahah ’23
Coaches’ Cup: Olivia Tilzey ’22
Most Improved Player: Mae Lial ’24

Boys' Lacrosse
• All-ISL: Tim Evnin ’22
• All-ISL Honorable Mention: Jack Almeida ’22, Tyler Vigeant ’22, Riley Zeer ’22, Rocco Pace ’22, Austin Boardo ’23
• Alessi Lacrosse Cup for Most Valuable Player: Tim Evnin ’22
Herter Lacrosse Cup for Coaches’ Cup: Rocco Pace ’22
Hollins-Sheehan Lacrosse Cup for Most Improved Player: Chase Mockridge ’22

Boys' Tennis 
• All-ISL: Alex Stewart ’25
York Tennis Bowl: Alex Stewart ’25
Trotter Tennis Cup: William Gooch ’22
Most Improved Player: Chase Farrick ’23

Girls' Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Frances Beazley ’23
Coaches’ Cup: Isabella Ballato ’22
Most Improved Player: Maeda Hellendrung ’24

Manager of the Year: Tharaly Joseph ’22

12-Varsity Letter Award Winner: Abby Jones ’22, Delaney Reed ’22

Vermillion Cup: Awarded to a girl and a boy in the Third Form who has shown all-around athletic ability and has best caught the right spirit of determination and sportsmanship.
Tanner Michelson ’25, Ilana Rymszewicz ’25

ISL Excellence Award: Recognized for exhibiting the independent school league ideals of integrity, sportsmanship, fair play and good citizenship while participating as a multi sport athlete during their ISL career.
• William Gooch ’22, Abby Jones ’22