Friends of the Chapel

The ongoing restoration and preservation of what many consider the "Heart of the Hilltop" is supported by the Friends of the St. George's Chapel.

Connecting the generations at St. George's — those past, and those yet to come.

Organized in 2009, 546 Founding Friends (alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and other friends of the school) helped to raise over $1.27 million to fund the east wall and altar window project (2008-2010).

The stewardship of the Chapel by the Friends continues and underscores the importance of annual, grassroots support in preserving this national treasure for future generations. Please join the Friends of the St. George's Chapel today.

Work began in June 2016 to repair and restore the Chapel’s teak doors and their wrought iron ornamentation. Phase One of the project involved four of the 10 doors on the main floor that are in the most need of repair: the Architect’s, North and South Slype, and the Altar doors.

In 2013 the restoration of the Chapel's ten E.F. Caldwell Company-designed brass and crystal chandeliers was completed. The three-year, $200,000 project involved stripping and polishing the metal surfaces; replacing the original cloth-covered copper wiring; reinforcing the cable-hanging system; grounding the fixtures; and repinning the 760 pieces of crystal that decorate each chandelier.

Looking ahead, the remaining limestone-and-mortar walls and buttresses are in need of being repointed, repaired, and cleaned. The installation of exterior glazing will tighten the building's envelope and help to preserve the stained-glass windows that have come to define the Chapel's interior over the years. Several original windows remain available to receive stained glass.

For more information on the restoration of the Chapel contact the Advancement Office at 1-888-ICALLSG (422-5574).