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Community shows support for Time's Up movement
Community shows support for Time's Up movement
A "wear all black" day Jan. 8 was organized by a head of the Women in Leadership Club

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Dozens of members of the St. George’s community showed solidarity with the “Time’s Up” movement currently sweeping the nation by wearing all black on Jan. 8.
Time’s Up is a movement working to address gender inequality and injustice in the workplace.
Women and men in the entertainment industry recently showed their support for the movement by wearing all black at the 75th Golden Globes Awards ceremony on Jan. 7.
Rachel Smithie ’18 and the Women in Leadership Club organized the event for St. George’s students and faculty to call attention to the issue.
“The movement is important to me because we have come such a long way from the days where women were nothing but housewives. Today women are leaders, and [are] showing that anything is possible,” Smithie said in an email. “For that, women completely deserve equal pay, equal opportunity, and should not be scared to stand up to discrimination. I love Time’s Up because it addresses everything I believe in and can really make a change for so many women.”
Smithie said she was motivated to organize the event after she saw her favorite actresses and singers posting about the Time’s Up movement on social media.
“I first saw it on my Instagram page and over the past few days all of my favorite actresses and singers have been posting for Time’s Up, so I looked more into the movement and just love everything they are doing,” said Smithie. “And I love feeling like I have the ability to be part of something so much bigger than myself, even if it is a small thing that I can contribute. So I thought that spreading awareness about the movement and having our community come together and show support by wearing all black would be really awesome.”
“The amount of participation is amazing, and it has started a lot of positive conversation which makes me super happy,” Smithie said after the Jan. 8 event. “I love that guys did it as well and that people are proud to be wearing all black today.”
Women in Leadership Club members Alafair Cutler ’20 and Bridgit Jones ’20 both participated in the “wear all black” event.
"All of my friends are super supportive, so I'm really surrounded by this cause," said Cutler. "To me, I think it's a good stand to show the importance of making changes with the wage gap."
Jones said she didn’t really know what feminism was until her friends got her involved in the club and plans to continue going to its meetings now.
"I wasn't really into feminism. I didn't really know what it was. But then all my friends joined the Women in Leadership Club, so I went and I really liked it,” Jones said. “It made me feel really good about myself."