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The stars of Dragon Athletics shine
The stars of Dragon Athletics shine
These Dragons are ready to play at the college level


We gathered up our sixth-formers who have signed on to play sports for their college teams — and what an impressive and diverse group of St. George’s athletes it was. This year 17 members of the Class of 2018 already know that athletics will be a big part of their college experience. With the continued strength of the St. George’s sailing program, colleges tapped eight Dragons to join their programs: John Kirkpatrick (Stanford), Amelia Schofield (Tulane), Gray Benson (U.S. Naval Academy), Gordon Gurnell (Connecticut College), Alex Fasolo (Tufts), Morgan Sailer (Georgetown), Ted Bjerregaard (Northeastern) and Matt Logue (George Washington). Two students will play lacrosse in college: Hannah Dreschel (St. Lawrence) and Sebastian Boivin (College of Wooster). Two students will play squash in college: Ainsley Weber (Yale) and Eric Molina (Hobart). Tristan Edwards will play football for Monmouth, Cameron Abeel will row for George Washington, Michaela Sullivan will play basketball for Middlebury, Quinn Cleary will play baseball for Yale, and Hailey Martin will play ice hockey for Salve Regina. 

Pictured above are: (in the top row) Eric Molina, Tristan Edwards, Gray Benson, Cameron Abeel, Gordon Gurnell, Matt Logue, John Kirkpatrick, Ted Bjerregaard, and (in the bottom row) Hailey Martin, Ainsley Weber, Amelia Schofield, Hannah Dreschel, Morgan Sailer, Sebastian Boivin, Quinn Cleary, Alex Fasolo, and Michaela Sullivan.