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Students talk cryptocurrency
Students talk cryptocurrency
Students explored the details of how cryptocurrency works during a math discussion


Mathematics and Science Teaching Fellow Emmanuel Daring hosted a discussion with students on cryptocurrency – an encrypted digital currency – discussing Bitcoin as well as the math and computer science behind the system.

“Cryptocurrency is just one in a long list of topics that we have discussed on these discussion days,” Daring said. “I have set aside a handful of days each trimester where we watch a video about a math or math-related topic that the students have either never seen before or only have a surface level understanding of and then spend the rest of the class talking about it.”

The Feb. 1 discussion included an in-depth 20-minute video on how cryptocurrency works and was followed by a question and answer session.

“I am well aware that there are so many different avenues of math that my students have never seen or heard of, and these days are there to give them a glimpse into the breadth of the subject,” Daring said.

“I think this gets to the heart of what we are doing in the classroom – these discussions show the students that one of the ways to learn about something is to find some information on it, process that information, and then bounce your ideas off of other people as you begin to formulate a position,” added Daring.