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Students receive Fall Athletic Awards
Students receive Fall Athletic Awards
Student athletes were recognized for achievements during the fall sports season


The fall sports season is over and Dragon athletes were recognized at assembly on Nov. 30 and the Spring Athletic Awards were given out.

“You should all be proud of your accomplishments this fall, no matter large or small, and continue to strive for excellence throughout the year,” said SG Athletic Director Rachel Horn. “A sincere thanks to the fall coaches who have spent hours supporting athletes and working to fulfill the mission of the program.”

The season’s Most Valuable Players were Michael Martin ‘20 for soccer; Peyton Mulhern ’19 for soccer; Clayton Carter ‘19 for cross country; Leiya Stuart ’20 for cross country; Katie George ‘19 for field hockey; and Justin Newman ’19 for football.

Michael Martin, Peyton Mulhern, Katie George, and Justin Newman each received Independent School All-League Awards.

Malcolm Shaw, Maya Bardorf, and Michael Martin were each selected to New England Preparatory School Athletic Council All-Star teams.

“Congratulations to all who have received awards or recognition,” Horn said at the ceremony. “It’s important to remember, however, that none of us would be here without the hard work of those around us. Our families, our friends, our teammates, our coaches, peers, or colleagues. On or off the field, we are Dragons. Thank you all for a great fall season.”

To view the full list of Fall Athletic Awards, click here. To view the photo gallery of the athletic awards, click here.