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Standout language students honored at ceremony
Standout language students honored at ceremony
Twenty-four students were inducted into language honor societies


Twenty-four students were inducted into foreign language honor societies during a ceremony in the Main Common Room on Sept. 27, 2018.

Four students were inducted into the Chinese Honor Society.

The National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) was established in 1993 to recognize those accomplished high school students who study Chinese as a world language. The National Chinese Honor Society is a scholastic organization that promotes and recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service.

The purpose of the National Chinese Honor Society is to encourage its members to become lifelong learners in order to gain a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, as well as to play an active role as a contributing global citizen in the 21st century.

2018 Chinese Honor Society inductees were: Huy Trong (Nick) Doan ’20, Buseoung (Joshua) Kwon ’19, Zoella Barros O'Haren ’20 and Jared Diosdado ’19. 


Twelve students were inducted into the French Honor Society.

La Société Honoraire de Français is an academic honor society established in 1949 by the American Association of Teachers of French. The society recognizes outstanding scholarship in the study of French and provides a vehicle for focusing activities around the study of the French language and literature. In addition, there is the opportunity for students to experience leadership in serving as officers, directing the initiation ceremony, and/or leading other chapter events in our school. 

2018 French Honor Society inductees were: James Antone ’20, Celia Francesca Byrne ’20,, Alexandra Pegeen Dano ’19, Ashley Karime Fallas ’20, Liliana Katarina Froehner ’20, Lana Noelle Gaige ’20, Xiaoyang Hua (Sunny) ’20, Caroline Renee Kaynor ’19, Wanyan Li (Vivian) ’19, Roberto Martinez ’19, Tate Christopher Karl Michelson ’20 and Matthew Joseph Richards ’20. 

Current members are: Isabelle Hunter Kitchel ‘19 (President), Lindsay Brooks Meyer ‘19 (VP for Service), Alexandra Grace (Alex) Thill ‘19 (VP for Culture), Molly Ann MacCormick ‘19 (active member), Henry MacDonald Dane ‘19 (associate member), William Morgan Hill-Edgar ‘19 (associate member), John Yves Jammers ‘19 (associate member), and Charlotte Hadley Maerov ’19 (associate member).


Eight students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.

The Spanish Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953. The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement in the study of Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brasilian studies. St. George’s Chapter, Martín Fierro, was established in 2007.

In addition to excelling in language studies and demonstrating extraordinary interest in Hispanic cultures, members of the Martín Fierro chapter have made a commitment to promote Hispanic

cultures within the school, assist others in their study of the language, and provide service to the local Hispanic community.

2018 Spanish Honor Society inductees were: Hope Seiler ’20, Sasha Smithie ’20, Sarah Skinner ’20, Zoe Petrovas ’20, Zachary Borden ’20, Lekha Sapers ’20, Maya Bardorf ’20 and Celeste Humphrey ’20. 

Current members are: Brinley Burdick ‘19 (President), Alexandra Chicharro ‘19 (Associate), Spencer Dellenbaugh ‘19 (Associate), Meghan Grimes ‘19 (Active Member), Natalie Huschle ‘19 (Tutor Head), Qinwen (Rachel) Lu ‘19 (Associate), Peyton Mulhern ‘19 (Active Member), and Jackson Rockett ‘19 (Associate). 

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