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Students Excel in Language Studies
Students Excel in Language Studies


Recognized for their outstanding scholarship, 25 St. George’s students have been inducted into the prestigious French, Chinese and Spanish Honor Societies this year. These students have not only excelled in their language studies, they’ve also demonstrated an interest in the people and communities where their respective languages are spoken. Many have taken leadership roles in off-campus community service events along with school events promoting cultural awareness.

Fourteen students were inducted into the French Honor Society. They are Lauren Anne Ceres ’18, Rose Rebecca Cheng ’18, Henry MacDonald Dane ’19, William Morgan Hill-Edgar ’19, Beste Engin ’18, John Yves Jammers ’19, Isabelle Hunter Kitchel ’19, Molly Ann MacCormick ’19, Charlotte Hadley Maerov ’19, Lindsay Brooks Meyer ’19, Matilda (Tilly) Weld Peck ’18, Morgan Ashley Sailer ’18.

Alexandra (Alex) Grace Thill ’19 and Ellen (Ellie) Page Williams ’18. They join current members of the French Honor Society George Harrington Shepherd ’18 and Ainsley Tourison Weber ’18.

The French Honor Society “recognizes outstanding scholarship in the study of French and provides a vehicle for focusing activities around the study of the French language and literature.”

Hojae Lee ’18 was inducted into the Chinese Honor Society. He joins current member Naya Ramtahal ’18.

The purpose of the National Chinese Honor Society is “to encourage its members to become lifelong learners in order to gain a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, as well as to play an active role as a contributing global citizen in the 21st century.”

And 10 students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. They are Brinley Gray Burdick ’19, Alexandra Jane Chicharro ’19, Spencer Warren Dellenbaugh ’19, Jesslyn Ting Yu Felicia Goh ’18, Megan Spaulding Grimes ’19, Natalie Louise Huschle ’19, Abra Issa ’18, Qinwen Lu ’19, Peyton Higgins Mulhern ’19 and Jackson Patrick Rockett ’19. They join current members Mary Kathryn Winters ’18, Haley Snow Baldwin ’18, Grace Elizabeth Coughlin ’18, Rose Antonia Eykyn ’18 and Irem Tural ’18.

Members of the Spanish Honor Society “have made a commitment to promote Hispanic cultures within the school, assist others in their study of the language, and provide service to the local Hispanic community.”

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