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Vigil held for Florida shooting victims
Vigil held for Florida shooting victims
A silent vigil was held to honor the victims of the Stoneham Douglas School shooting

Campus Life

Students attended a silent vigil in the Little Chapel to remember the victims of the Marjory Stoneham Douglas School shooting on Feb. 14 in Parkland, Florida.

“I want the school shootings to stop,” Natalie Lee ’20 said after the vigil. “There should be stricter laws.”

“I think there’s been a lot of conversations about what happened, but not a lot of reflection on what we can do to make things better,” said Tilly Peck ’18. “This was an opportunity to reflect.”

The Feb. 23 vigil was organized by the Rev. Jackie Kirby and invited students and faculty to write prayers and leave them in a bowl on the altar at the vigil.

“I think it's helpful in a time like this to have a place where people can take a break from the craziness of their days to acknowledge the tragedy in the company of others,” the Rev. Kirby said. “It's important to have an outlet to express grief or anger or fear or whatever else you may be feeling, and specifically to express those feelings to God.”

Seventeen candles were lit on the altar and the chapel bell rang 17 times at the start of the vigil in honor of the 17 victims.

“A vigil is an apolitical context for grieving together,” added the Rev. Kirby. “I think that prayer works wonders that way – by reminding us that we are all equal and all hurting, no matter our differences of opinion. I also believe that prayer gives us the strength and courage to get through difficult times and to find a way forward.”