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Classmates bond in trips off campus
Classmates bond in trips off campus
Form trips were great opportunities for students to have some special time together with their classmates.

Form trips over the weekend were great opportunities for students to have some special time together with their classmates.

Third-formers went to the local Middletown YMCA on Sunday, Sept. 10, to enjoy group outdoor games and a low ropes course that featured climbing and rappelling with harnesses and braid. The new students had an opportunity to get to know one another as well as faculty members, including science teacher Tom Evans, who led the trip. Especially popular was the climbing wall, which saw action well into the late afternoon, Mr. Evans said. Photos are posted on our Flickr page.

Fourth-formers departed SG on Sunday morning for their annual trip to Block Island to usher in the new school year. A total of 103 students accompanied by 10 faculty members enjoyed a near perfect day. Upon arrival, students were quick to visit local eateries for brunch. Following that, activities included going to the beach, touring on bikes and exploring the shops along Water Street.

Fifth-formers spent Sunday afternoon performing community service in support of our own backyard and the adjacent Middletown environs. After meeting together as a class on Cliff Field, students spread out across the campus and into the neighborhood to engage in a massive cleanup effort collecting trash in Purgatory Chasm, along local streets and on Second and Third beaches. After their cleanup, the form gathered at Surfer’s End to have some fun together as a class and enjoy a Del's Lemonade.

Sixth-formers participated in a retreat on the Kennebec River with Moxie Outdoor Adventures at West Forks, Maine. Joining the students were Doug and Melanie Lewis, Cory Cramer, Sarah Young, Kate Farrell, Warren and Holly Williams, and Head of School Alixe Callen. The group departed Saturday afternoon and arrived at the camp after dark. Students settled into their bunks and then enjoyed a bonfire by the lake under a star-filled sky serenaded by loons. On Sunday morning, fortified with a hearty breakfast of pancakes, the intrepid river rafters were sized for wetsuits, paddles and life jackets and then headed to the Kennebec. SG commandeered 13 rafts, each with a seasoned guide. Navigating rapids the likes of "Big Mamma and her Three Sisters," "Magic" and "Bone Crusher" was great fun, accompanied by loud cheering and a thorough soaking. Back at the camp students devoured a barbecue dinner followed by another bonfire with S’mores for dessert. Everyone rose early Monday for breakfast and the bus ride home. See photos from the outing on our Flickr page.