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Amazing summer opportunities for students
Amazing summer opportunities for students
Dragons traveled across the globe this summer to seize opportunities


Dragons traveled across the globe this summer for a series of special programs and internship opportunities.

Students went on a 10-day trip to Costa Rica for a program with non-profit Seeds of Change, where they conducted rainforest research on leaf cutter ants.

As part of the Global Cultural Initiatives Program, students went to Paris, France, to intern at companies like Diptyque, marketing research firm InDerm, and the Curie Institute. In Madrid, Spain, students interned at companies like Auriga Securities, Altostratus cloud computing, and Stifel.

The four-week summer Geronimo trip launched from Brunswick, Georgia, at the end of June on its way back to Rhode Island and will take students along the coast with stops in the Carolinas.

Students are also working with alumni in San Francisco this July as part of a special business experiential learning program with two companies -- Turo and Grove Collaborative -- to learn how to apply what they’ve learned on the Hilltop to 21st century businesses.

Check out our Flickr gallery to view photos from the trips here.