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The African Children's Choir visits campus
The African Children's Choir visits campus
The African Children's Choir visited campus to perform during chapel service

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St. George’s welcomed The African Children’s Choir to campus on Feb. 15 where they performed during chapel service.

Eighteen children from Uganda between the ages of 7 and 10 sang two songs during the Thursday service – “Amazing Grace” and “Thambira: Dance for the Land for He is love and there us no one like Him.”

“We are traveling on tour right now,” said African Children’s Choir tour leader Amy Berry. “We are touring the United States. We have been to several states already, I think we’re up to 10 already for this tour.”

The African Children’s Choir was founded in 1984 and has traveled around the world for over 30 years, sharing African music. The choir raises funds that currently support approximately 7,000 children from Africa’s most vulnerable areas, providing them with care and an education.

Assistant Director of Music Wendy Drysdale acted as the school’s tour guide and liaison throughout the day.

“It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful, a beautiful chapel,” Berry said. “We are excited to be here.”

Music For Live, the parent organization of the choir, currently cares for children in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana.

“They sounded and looked great and really brought an unbridled level of energy to the chapel that everyone in attendance immediately fed off of,” Music Department Chair Ed Mudrak said after the performance. “What made me even happier though was the outpouring of support after their performance.”

After the performance, Organist Patrick Aiken gave children in the choir an impromptu organ lesson. Science Teacher Thomas Evans later opened his classroom to them and Liam Malsy '19 let choir members help him with a lab.

Sage Dining provided the kids with lunch and the Admission Office provided SG stickers and postcards. Assistant Director of Library Services Laura Hooper showed the kids to the children's section of the library and Athletic Equipment Manager James Moran put soccer balls out in the Fieldhouse for them to play with.

“So many students came up after their performance and during lunch to wish them well and to congratulate them on a job well done,” added Mudrak. “Thank you to all who made this day one to remember.”