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Putting his engineering degree to work
Putting his engineering degree to work
Mark Nuytkens '12 returns to the Hilltop to speak with students


Mark Nuytkens ’12 was back on campus April 13 to deliver a Science Department Brown Bag Lecture titled, “Minion to Master,” about his journey from SG to college to his current job at a medical device start-up. Mark, who graduated from UMass-Amherst with a degree in mechanical engineering, said, “SG was an important stepping stone” as he began to pursue his college studies and career.

After meeting the demands of St. George’s challenging curriculum and busy schedule, college at first felt like “a huge let-down,” he said. “I couldn’t go surfing before class!” But with much more free time on his hands he began to seek out new opportunities. He was able to join the Commonwealth Honors Program, finding other students who shared his same drive and enthusiasm for learning. When it came time to begin his thesis project, he started researching whether a pedal-powered lawn mower he was designing had a chance of succeeding in the marketplace. Key to the research was talking up his idea to dozens of local business people. “One piece of advice I’d give is that if you have an idea, the easiest way to find out if it’s a good idea is to talk to as many people about it that you can,” he said. “Don’t worry that someone’s going to steal it.”

During his junior year at UMass, Mark landed a prestigious internship at Bose Corp. in Framingham, Massachusetts, working in product development in the company’s headset division. He said he had many formative experiences there, including experiencing the company’s ultra-silent testing facilities.

Currently Mark works for Diagnostyx Inc., his father’s medical-device company in Melrose, Massachusetts.

All his recent experiences, he said, have led him to one important conclusion: that the ultimate goal of any education program is to become “self-learning” – so while he thought he’d continue to take more and more courses, right now he finds ways to learn on his own.