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Records of the past
Records of the past
Archivist Val Simpson P'14 says gifts to the Taverner Archives help illuminate our history


Archivist Val Simpson P’14 says gifts to the Taverner Archives help illuminate our history

You’ve had a number of items donated to the Taverner Archives this spring. I love this photo of student Ted Church ’29 in his athletic gear. How did we get it?

One of the gifts we received this year was an amazing collection of J. Vaughan Merrick III [headmaster 1928-1943] photo albums and loose photos sent by George Gebelein III ’73, who had received the materials from his friend, Eve Pierce, a relative of Mr. Merrick. The photos range from candids of the students and faculty to individual portraits of many graduating seniors through the ’30s and early ’40s. Also with these came another photo book, “The Faculty in Action, ’36-’37,” created by two members of the Class of 1937, R. Winder Johnson Jr. and L. Rodman Page Jr. The book is very cleverly constructed and bursts with student humor (and obvious affection).

Have we received any new written materials?

Yes. Another gift we received is from brothers Thomas W. Allen ’61 and Frederick S. Allen Jr. ’56. It is a diary (in parts handwritten, in parts typed) kept by their father, Frederick S. Allen ’31 from April to September 1928, during parts of his third- and fourth-form years at SG. The writing is funny and good, giving us a student’s personal view of life at SG just before and as J. Vaughan Merrick III was coming on the scene.

We already have many editions of most of the printed publications, such as the Lance and the Bulletin, even the school newspaper, the Red & White. Should people still consider donating theirs?

Oh, yes, especially if they are very old—though we still have holes in the collection from the 1960s-1980s. Check with me first. It was fantastic to receive the very old Lance editions that Minney Robb’s father, H. Gates Lloyd ’19, had kept from his era. Minney’s son, Andrew Packard ’82, sent the yearbooks to the archives as he helped Minney move into a new place. We already had two great photo albums of Mr. Lloyd’s from his student days, and it is nice to be able to round out his collection. He kept his books in pristine condition!


Do you have items you’d like to donate to the Taverner Archives? Please contact us at or at 401-842-6692.