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Swim record toppled
Swim record toppled


A 28-year-old swim record set by Laura Stack de Ramel ’90 in 1989 was toppled on Saturday, Feb. 4, when sixth-former Rozie Moylan completed a stunning race at the Hoyt Pool. Swimming the grueling 500-freestyle during a meet with Windsor School and Kingwood-Oxford, Rozie clocked in at more than five seconds faster than the existing record, setting a new benchmark of 5:22:19.

Rozie said the race was unlike any other she’d participated in and she trained harder than she had ever before. “I was so excited when I looked up at the board,” she recalled. “I knew the record was a 5:27.73 and just kept thinking I needed a 5:27.72, so I was ecstatic to see five seconds faster than that.”

Coach Keri Cunningham says Rozie’s success on race days “is a direct result of the commitment, effort and positivity she brings to the pool every day at practice.”

So far this season, Rozie has competed in 16 individual events and secured 14 first-place finishes, and two second-place finishes.

At Saturday’s race the excitement on the pool deck was palpable.

 “I never heard screaming like I did at that race,” Rozie said. “And you have to be yelling pretty loud for me to hear it underwater and especially to break through my race focus,” she added. “Whenever I flip-turned at the end with my teammates cheering I couldn't help but hear all their support.”

Rozie said she could also see Coach Cunningham jumping up and down whenever she took a breath on the left side. “This scared me a bit,” she admitted, “because I wasn't sure if it was out of excitement — or a sign that I was behind pace!”

As for the former record holder, Laura Stack de Ramel said she’s been hoping for years that another Dragon would beat her time. “I must admit, though, when [my old coach] sent me a photo of the scoreboard last weekend, I felt a bit nostalgic,” she said. “It was my last record still standing.” 

“I'm thrilled for Rozie,” she added. “Swimming takes lots of hard work and the distance events take mental toughness too — so I send my sincerest congratulations to Rozie and wish her all the best at New Englands!”

Watch a video profile of Rozie on our Vimeo channel.