Heard on the Hilltop

At St. George’s, like many places, things will be said/heard that may/may not make sense. To aid in understanding the St. George’s community phraseology, please reference the following glossary of terms and acronyms commonly heard on campus.

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AB - Academic Center, the easternmost academic building on campus and home of math and science in addition to other departments. Often used on schedule cards to differentiate from the Drury/Grosvenor Center for the Arts.

AC - Drury/Grosvenor Center for the Arts, located nearest the pool parking lot.

ACC - The Technology Department’s Laptop Shop, which is located on the second floor of the Brown Center, was once named the Academic Computing Center and is sometimes still referred to using the old acronym.

Atrium - The large, central gathering space separating the science labs and classrooms in the Academic Center. The space is often populated by students congregating between classes or studying during a free period.

Brown Center - Located in the center of campus, the Brown Center is home to the College Counseling Office. Additionally, there is a space for students to study. It is in between the Chapel and Wind Tunnel.

Campus Center - The Hamblet Campus Center is a building for community life that is home to the Grill, Campus Store, and Great Room. The Campus Center is adjacent to Crocker Field and attached to the Drury/Grosvenor Center for the Arts.

CANVAS - The Learning Management System utilized for students to access homework, assignments, and sometimes assessments.

CCO - The College Counseling Office.

Cliff Field - Cliff Field is the athletics field located beyond the stone wall on the east side of campus looking out towards Second Beach.

Cloisters - An outdoor hallway on the south side of the Chapel.

The Complex - “The Complex” is a common phrase for three dormitories (Arden, Diman and Eccles) across from the West Steps. A clock tower on the roof of Diman will help you identify.

Crocker Field - The athletic turf field closest to the Hamblet Campus Center, and primary home to the football and varsity girls’ lacrosse teams.

Dragon Quad - This quadrangle is created by the buildings of Sixth-Form House (Advancement, Communications, and Finance), Memorial Schoolhouse, Brown Center, and Old School. There is a dragon statue in the center of it.

Dragon Wagon - A shuttle service on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons that transports students from campus to downtown Newport and Middletown (Wal-Mart).

Fish Bowl - A triple room, in Auchincloss Dormitory with a window that often has messages and drawings for the community provided by the residents.

Form - At St. George’s, what grade a student is in is known as their Form:

  • Grade 9 = Third Form
  • Grade 10 = Fourth Form 
  • Grade 11 = Fifth Form
  • Grade 12 = Sixth Form

FPO - The “For Parents Only” weekly email newsletter sent to students’ families every Wednesday that school is in session. The “FPO” is also sent to students the following day.

Full Town - The St. George’s term for downtown Newport. Students are permitted to go to Full Town following their final commitment on Saturday and on Sundays. 

Great Room - A community space within the Hamblet Campus Center, facing Crocker Field and near the Grill.

The Grill - An on-campus eatery located in the Hamblet Campus Center across from the Nathaniel Hill Library and abutting Crocker Field. The Grill is closed when the Dining Hall is open. Payment may be made in cash, or with a pre-funded school account.

Half Town - The St. George’s term for the area to the west of campus at the bottom of the hill on Aquidneck Avenue. Students are permitted to access this part of town following their final commitment Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday. Sixth-Form students are permitted to visit Half Town throughout the day. The boundaries of Half Town are the stop light at the corner of Purgatory Road and Aquidneck Avenue to Diego’s Barrio Cantina, which is directly next to Cumberland Farms.

King Hall - The dining hall on campus.

Laptop Shop - An area on the second floor of the Brown Center for students to receive technological hardware or software support, formerly known as the Academic Computing Center.

MCR - The Main Common Room and Admissions lobby located in Old School.

Madeira - Madeira Hall is the auditorium in the Drury/Grosvenor Center for the Arts.

Merck Center - The Merck Center for Teaching is a collaborative teaching space to nurture and empower faculty through professional growth and is often a space for students to collaborate. It is located in the lower level of the Nathaniel Hill Library.

Merrick House - The Head of School’s home on the easternmost side of campus, near Cliff Field.

Montgomery Field - The athletic turf field closest to the Academic Center and primary home to the varsity field hockey and varsity boys’ lacrosse teams.

MyBackpack - The system that contains students’ class schedules and grades. It can be accessed through the online student portal via the school’s website.

Nash - The common room that separates Buell and Wheeler dormitories. Also, is home to Third-Form day students.

North Fields - The playing fields beyond the stone wall to the north side of campus. Look for the water tower and you’ll get there. Home to the soccer, track and field programs as well as the baseball and softball fields.

Ocean Field - The large field that sits below the terrace outside King Hall and on the near side of the stone wall leading to Cliff Field.

Old School - Original school house, which houses the Head of School and Admissions offices as well as upper form boys day student space and a girls dormitory.

Plant Room - The Rios Conservatory, which is located on the second floor south wing of the Academic Center.

Pool Lobby - The glass entrance to the athletics facilities, which gets you to the pool, but also to several other athletics spaces. Immediately when you enter is the Campus Safety Office. Additionally, you can access the Hoopes Squash Center, Dorrance Field House, Van Beuren Gymnasium, athletics office, and Hamblett Campus Center. Also, serves as the drop-off location for food and package delivery services.

Pool Lot - The parking area off of Lower Road for the pool. Families and spectators utilize this parking area for a number of visits or events on campus.

Prefect - The term prefect indicates a form of leadership position at St. George’s. There are five School Prefects (seniors) that serve as the Student Council. Additionally, one individual within the five is known as the Senior Prefect – the equivalent of the student body president. Additionally, dorm and day student prefects exist to support the community.

Quad or Diman Quad - The grassy area with walkways connecting the West Steps and in front of Arden, Diman, Eccles, and Auchincloss dormitories.

REACH - The system to identify if students are on/off campus, whether it be to Full/Half Town, Weekend Leave, etc.

Registrar - An office located in the Upper Brown Center to support students in search of course information or changes.

Queen Hall - A serving area, outside of the “hot” food line, which is home to the salad and deli bars.

Schoolhouse - The Memorial Schoolhouse, which opened originally in 1923 and again, following a full renovation, in 2020. Located in the center of campus.

SG Theory - When you are discussing an individual using their specific name(s) and they walk into the space 1-2 minutes later. This happens rather often in King Hall.

Shark Tank - A triple (and sometimes double) room in Auchincloss Dormitory on the first floor hallway closer to The Complex.

SISO - An acronym for “Sign-in/Sign-out.”

Sixth-Form Porch - The porch off of the Main Common Room facing Second Beach.

SLO - The Student Life Office.

South Field - The athletics field between The Quad/Diman Quad and East dormitory. The primary home to girls’ JV field hockey and girls’ JV lacrosse. 

Study Hall - Located on the second floor of Memorial Schoolhouse, it is home to the Horton Center for Learning. It can also act as a common space throughout the school day for students to study or collaborate with teachers.

Swap Shop - A place in the lower Brown Center for the St. George’s community to donate or secure reusable goods.

Time telling - Only saying minutes, not hour for time, i.e. “45” not “10:45”.

Tuck - A dance, sometimes a pop up and sometimes planned.

West Steps - The west-facing steps, leading out of Old School past the Head of School’s Office and Director of Admissions Office.

Wind Tunnel - The hallway that leads students, faculty and staff into King Hall from Dragon Quad, Old School, and the Brown Center.

Wood Court - The Van Beuren Gymnasium, primary home to the varsity volleyball and varsity basketball teams. Located at the end of the Dorrance Field House.

Updated Aug. 5, 2022