Testing Resources


All colleges will accept either the ACT or the SAT. Students at St. George's begin taking practice tests in the spring of their fourth-form year and will choose whether to pursue the SAT or ACT in their fifth-form year. Our recommended testing schedule can be found here.  Please note that our recommended testing schedule is designed with our school calendar in mind as well as research that tells us that in the majority of cases, testing more than three times does not equate to higher scores. Students who choose to test outside of these recommendations will be required to use a Leave of Convenience if they are missing school commitments to do so.

Test Prep

Please know that simply by engaging fully in the life at St. George's, your child is preparing for the ACT and SAT tests and for the college process without even realizing it. Research tells us that test prep that begins too early and continues for too long actually hurts students. While there is no need to start any tutoring until the spring of the fifth-form year, if your child is eager to engage in test prep, then we encourage you to pursue it ONLY if the effort is student-directed, and on a limited basis. Students who would like to take additional test prep courses can view our list of recommended programs. If choosing to work with a test prep tutor, please take note of the St. George's outside tutor policy.