College Counseling Policies

Independent Counselor Policy

St. George’s college counselors are leaders in their field. They are not only members of both national and regional college counseling organizations, they also currently hold or have held leadership positions within many of these organizations. In addition to hosting more than 150 colleges on our own campus each year, our counselors attend dozens of conferences and college campus tours every year, and as a result, have a broad network and strong relationships with both college admissions professionals and college counseling professionals across the country. Colleges require that the student’s St. George’s college counselor write the letter of recommendation, and our College Counseling Office is regularly in direct contact with the admissions representatives who are reading the students’ applications.

While we do not prohibit the hiring of independent counselors, we do not believe that there is any need for it, and oftentimes, it only creates additional pressure and confusion for students during a time when they are already being challenged with increased demands. Independent counselors are expected to work in support of, not in place of, the St. George’s lead counselor.

To this end, we request that the family inform the St. George’s college counselor that they are working with an independent counselor. Open lines of communication will allow for a more streamlined process for the student as both counselors work towards finding the best fit for the student for the next four years.

In the event that a family chooses to hire an independent counselor, the student is still required to take part in the St. George’s College Counseling Program and meet all commitments within it, including but not limited to, attending all group and one-on-one meetings with their counselor, attending Fifth-Form Parents Weekend, College Fair, and Mock Admissions, and meeting deadlines for teacher recommendation contracts and other submissions.

Outside Tutor Policy

Consistent with St. George’s School’s efforts to ensure the safety of members of the campus community, the School has expectations for volunteers, vendors and campus visitors, including outside tutors engaged by students or their parents/guardians. It is the School’s policy that outside tutors may only meet with students on campus in the Nathaniel P. Hill Library during regular hours except for Study Hall (8-10 p.m.) after checking in at the Circulation Desk with library staff and signing in. The tutor is to coordinate meeting times with the student. The student is responsible for reserving a Group Study Room for the tutoring session.

Before the first visit, all outside tutors must:

  • Sign paperwork available at Library circulation and provide a copy of a photo ID
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check with the Middletown Police department that must be received by the school within three weeks of the first visit.

All outside tutors must sign-in at the Circulation Desk for each visit.

For additional details and paperwork please contact the Library Director, Nova Seals, at 401-842-6689, or stop by the Circulation Desk.

Document Request Policy

Often times, during their time at St. George’s or in the coming years after, students are in need of a copy of their transcript for internships, athletics, transfer applications, or other programs. The College Counseling Office is happy to provide this information using the following guidelines:

  • Requests for information must be made by the student by contacting Sarah Fernandez at 401-842-6706.
  • In their request, students/graduates need to provide the address to which they want their transcript sent.
  • Official transcripts will only be sent directly to another institution.
  • Students may request unofficial transcripts for their own records.