Paying for College

When it comes to paying for college we cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning ahead. Although you and your family may have received financial aid from St. George’s, you may or may not qualify for financial aid when applying to college.  Because the money is federally regulated and internally disseminated and because there are a lot more students going to college than to boarding school, financial aid at the college level can be harder to come by.  The best thing a family can do to prepare for the college process is to have an idea of what your family will be expected to pay at the next level. You can get an idea of what your estimated family contribution (EFC) will be by going to a variety of college web sites and filling out their net price calculators (they are required by law to have one online). Typically, we recommend that families who are not full pay should build financial “likelies” into the list so that in the end, the student has some affordable options.


Learn how best to pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.