Diploma Requirements

The requirements for a St. George’s diploma ensure broad exposure for students across the curriculum and, at the same time, enable students to pursue depth in particular areas of interest and academic passion.These represent a minimum; entrance requirements for certain colleges and universities may exceed this minimum in certain disciplines. Students may receive credit toward the St. George’s diploma for courses taken previously at the high school level when it is clear that they meet the equivalent of our own curricular requirements. Students must complete their sixth-form year at St. George’s and pass all courses during their senior year regardless of the total credits accumulated prior to the senior year. Please see The Shield for additional information about non-academic graduation requirements.

Visual & Performing Arts

One year, or three trimesters, of visual art, music, or theater, for academic credit, in any combination, during the high school years. New fifth-formers must complete two trimesters of visual art, music, or theater for academic credit. Successful completion of a one-year ensemble course taken for credit (any version of Music 250 or 450), may count for up to one-third of the requirement. This may occur once per student. Enrollment for credit in ensemble courses constitutes a sixth course.


  • English—Four full years.
  • History & Social Science—two years, one of which must be U.S. History or American Studies.
  • Theology & Religious Studies—three trimester courses for those entering in the third-form, two trimesters for those entering in the fourth-form, and one trimester for those entering in the fifth-form. Entering third- and fourth-form students should enroll in Hebrew Scripture, New Testament, or World Religions as a prerequisite for theology courses in the upper forms. Completion of Asian Civilizations course satisfies one trimester of the Theology & Religious Studies requirement.

Language & Culture Studies

Study at least through the third year (Level III) in one foreign language in consecutive years. The foreign language requirement can be met with either a classical (Latin) or modern language (French, Spanish, or Chinese). Students who enter St. George’s with prior second language experience in Chinese, French, Latin or Spanish must demonstrate proficiency by successfully passing the St. George’s Level III final exam in order to satisfy the St. George’s graduation requirement for a foreign language. While students for whom English is not the native language are not required to take French, Spanish, Chinese, or Latin, as English qualifies as their foreign language, we strongly recommend that those international students who are already proficient in English do so.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  • Math—Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-calculus. The majority of students enroll in mathematics through the senior year.
  • Science—two year-long laboratory science courses during the high school years. The majority of St. George’s students graduate with at least three years of high school science. The Science Department also recommends that seniors enroll in science electives only to complement a program that includes biology, chemistry and physics.