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Safety and Support

Our emphasis on strong student-faculty relationships is what makes the St. George’s community exceptional. Faculty advisors are the first to get to know students one-on-one, making them instrumental in helping students tailor course selections and find extracurricular opportunities to best suit their interests and abilities.

The Advisor Connection

Before new students even arrive on campus, they are assigned a faculty advisor (who may also be a teacher, coach or dorm parent). The faculty advisor’s goal is to provide students with support and guidance in all areas of school.

Group meetings with advisors are scheduled each week and one-on-one meetings may occur at a moment’s notice. The most important part of the faculty advisor’s role is to serve as a liaison between a student’s family and St. George’s. This means that parents will have frequent communication from advisors and a dedicated advocate for their student.

About Mentoring

At St. George’s, what we want most is for our students to grow into responsible adults capable of navigating life’s challenges and successes. For that reason, we build a community of thoughtful and dedicated faculty members with whom students can form positive relationships naturally. St. George’s students encounter mentors all over campus. A mentor can be an upper-form friend who encourages a student to take that challenging course they’ve been curious about; a sailing coach whose athletic advice to students is matched by his knowledge in the classroom; or a college counselor whose guidance is all the more pertinent because that counselor is also the student’s dorm parent. No matter how formal or informal mentoring relationships are, our students receive the guidance they need to make informed decisions. Those decisions, in turn, help students better themselves and their communities.

Campus Safety

The safety, security and well-being of our students, staff and visitors are always foremost on our minds. Our Campus Safety Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Campus Safety Officers are charged with dorm and academic building security and regular patrol of all surrounding campus properties. Officers also oversee dormitory card access, student medical transports to the Health Center, parking control and permits, as well as security during special events.