Medication Management

Please note that all medication must be turned in to the Health Center when the student arrives to St. George's.


Prescription Medication

Students with a prescription medication must have an authorization form on file with the Health Center.
The “Authorization to Administer Prescription Medication Form” (a state mandated form) must be completed and signed by the prescribing physician. Parents must upload the completed form to the Magnus Health Portal.

Ask your pharmacist for the prescription to be dispensed on a foil-backed 6-inch-by-9-inch medication card, or 'blister pack."
The use of a blister pack maximizes our ability to quickly and efficiently administer daily medications and improve accountability. We will return the medication card to you during breaks and when your student travels home for more than a few days. If for any reason your pharmacist cannot accommodate and dispense your student's medication in blister pack form and you are unable to use Matt's Local Pharmacy, we will of course accept the medication in traditional medication vials, but would appreciate it if you would call the Health Center (401-842-6676) so that we can look into all available options on your behalf.

How to submit a prescription to our local pharmacy

E-script from the prescribing physician should be sent to Matt’s Local Pharmacy. We prefer that prescriptions are supplied in one month medication blister packs. Psychotropic medications should have refills available. Once the initial prescription is sent to Matt’s Local Pharmacy, the pharmacy will contact the physician directly for refills.

Matt’s Local Pharmacy
(p) 401-619-5020
(f) 401-619-4249

Over-the-counter medication

If students are planning to bring over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, Advil, or vitamins to keep in their room and take as directed, please complete this "Parental Permission to Self-Administer" form. Parents must upload the completed form to the Magnus Health Portal. Refer to The Shield for the medicines that can be self-administered and kept in your room.


Students with documented allergies requiring an Epi-Pen must return to school with two unexpired Epi-Pens. The Health Center will immediately order two Epi-Pens for any student arriving on Campus without their required Epi-Pens. Any cost or co-pay will be charged to the student’s SG account.

  • One pen will be carried by student at all times
  • One pen will be attached to the Student’s dorm room door

Please feel free to call Matt with any questions regarding Epi-pens, specifically insurance and copay concerns


Updated 8-9-21