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COVID-19 Protocols for the 2021-22 School Year

To assist students and their families, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

At the root of our protocols is our requirement that every eligible member of our community be inoculated against COVID-19 with an FDA/EUA-approved or WHO/SAGE-approved vaccine. In addition, we require that all St. George’s students, faculty, and staff receive a booster shot within 30 days of eligibility.

Included below are guidelines that apply to our full community, as well as specific guidelines for international students and exempted students. These are based on current guidelines. Given the evolving understanding of the omicron variant, changes in underlying guidance or regulations may require some changes to our procedures. We will endeavor to keep these FAQs up-to-date on our website as things evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Life

Updated Dec. 31, 2021


Updated Dec. 31, 2021

International Students

Updated Dec. 31, 2021


Updated Aug. 3, 2021