Health and Wellness

Living on the St. George’s campus means living in a community-minded atmosphere where people come together in a bond of trust and caring for each other.
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Counseling & Health Education

Caryn Manning, PsyD, Director of Counseling & Health Education, meets with students in need and determine the best course of action, which may include a recommendation of continued counseling. Conversations are confidential, with the exception of when legal requirements prevail. The counselors are available on campus to individuals or groups of students to discuss problems relating to emotional growth, social adjustment, academic achievement or any other issue.

Health Curriculum

The health curriculum is coordinated by Mervan Osborne, Assistant Head of School for Student Life. The curriculum includes seminars on adolescent wellness, substance abuse and sexual health that fulfill Rhode Island state requirements. Health Center professionals, counselors and guest speakers teach the seminars.

The students in the third- and fourth-forms participate in a series of seminars on the following topics.
Third-form: Health, Sexuality, and Relationships (5 seminars in the spring)
Fourth-form: Wellness (5 seminars in the fall)
Fourth-form: Drug & Alcohol Education (5 seminars in the spring)

The Health Center

Similarly, St. George’s School staffs a 24-hour-a day, seven-days-a-week Health Center with eight overnight and six day beds. The Health Center is the place to go if a student is ill or suffers an injury or needs to make a medical appointment, renew a prescription, request a medical weekend or for any health related question. The nursing staff will admit a student if an ailment calls for bed rest. Students may stay from several hours to several nights and the staff always provides a confidential, sympathetic ear.

Information for Parents

• Important information regarding our policies can be found on the Health Information Services page.

• Students who have prescriptions or use EpiPens should view this information regarding Matt’s Local Pharmacy Blister Pack Medication Management Program we will be using the 2018-19 school year.

Forms can be accessed and submitted online, in the secure Magnus Health Portal.

If you have any questions about logging in to the account or accessing forms, please contact Magnus Health customer support by phone 877-461-6831 or email

Summary of Current Practices

Our Summary of Current Practices describes our efforts to educate and train faculty, staff, and students about staying safe and secure on campus, as well as the various structures available for members of our community seeking wellness support. It also provides comprehensive information on employee hiring and professional development.