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Dragon Dash Color Run
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Run in the Pie Race

Community Life

St. George’s students are happy on campus because our community gives them the space and support they need to grow into who they want to be.

The spirit of community permeates our classrooms where students participate in dynamic conversation and collaborative work with their peers and teachers. After class, students head to their afternoon activity, which may include athletics practice, theater rehearsal, independent projects, internships or community service. Free time to meet up with teachers, get a head start on homework or just spend time with friends happens after dinner and before study hall.


of St. George’s students are boarders. Students exchange knowledge, become friends and build support systems with students completely different from themselves.

Boarding life at St George's private high school in RI - New England - USA
“Top Three”

Chiron Rose ’21

“My Favorite Experiences”

Georgia Barrett ’21


Karla Acosta ’22

The Honor Code

Honor Chapel 2018

Every academic year at St. George’s begins with the Honor Code Ceremony.

Signing the Honor Book is a schoolwide pledge to create an inclusive learning environment marked by honor, trust and respect. Each of us is most likely to achieve our goals when the framework in which we are working is clear, our responsibilities defined and our purpose shared. The Shield is our community handbook, and is meant to articulate and specify those shared purposes and individual responsibilities