July 11, 2017

Dear St. George's Community,


Hello from the Hilltop! After a seemingly interminable wait, my family and I are happily ensconced on campus.


Moving cross-country is always a Herculean task, but we seem to have emerged unscathed. Our boys are enjoying setting up their new rooms, and my husband and I cannot get over the stunning views. The full moon rising over the Atlantic this weekend provided a particularly majestic welcome.


I have spent the past week, my first on campus, getting settled. My fellow administrators are graciously helping me learn the ropes. We have taken tours of most every corner of the campus, as I attempt to learn the difference between Auch and Astor, Old School and the Schoolhouse, and King and Queen halls. With their help, I'm hoping I'll have it down by September — though I have no doubt that I will continue to make new discoveries for months to come.


And speaking of September, I am looking forward to the arrival of the students. Schools are simply too quiet in the summer! While it is good to have this time to get up to speed, I am counting the days until the beginning of the academic year.


In the meantime, I wish you all a fantastic summer. If there is anything I can do to be helpful between now and the start of school, I do hope you will reach out.



Alixe Callen

Head of School


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