A Coeducational Boarding and Day School for Grades 9 Through 12

St. George's School

Day Student Life

St. George’s day students have the best of both worlds — a supportive and inclusive academic community during the day and quality family time in the evenings.

St. George's day school students come from Newport, RI and other New England towns in the USA

Representing 12 percent of the student body, day students come to St. George’s from Newport and other nearby towns. While they go home each night, it’s otherwise difficult to tell a day student from a boarder. That’s because they are equally active and involved in student life.

Day students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at King Hall. They participate in sports, theater or community service activities every afternoon. Some day students stay on campus well into study hall (which runs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Every Saturday, day students come to campus to attend class, play competitive sports and just hang out with friends. On weekends, day students often stay on campus for sleepovers.

Leadership opportunities in the dorms are also available to day students. Like boarding students, day students are assigned spaces in the dorms to call their own. (These spaces are equipped with study areas, showers and changing rooms.) Day students can run for election as prefects, student leaders who monitor day-student areas and act as liaisons between day students and dorm parents.

From breakfast to well past dinner, day students are fully immersed in student life at St. George’s.