Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a reciprocatory recruitment and retention program strategically and practically aligned with St. George’s Schools’ DEIJB goals. The program is designed to increase exposure and access to New England boarding schools for future educators of color and enhance awareness of enrolled high school students to historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU).

The long-term impact, success, and sustainability of Building Bridges are rooted in our partnerships with peer schools and our collective ability to leverage our resources to attract, nurture, and provide opportunities to future BIPOC educators.

Through partnerships with other leading independent schools, Building Bridges has the potential to have a national social impact. The internal and external benefits of strategically aligning your institution with Historically Black Colleges and Universities will not only enhance your campus community but will also extend your reach and reputation in the greater educational community.

Program Objectives

  • Establish Building Bridges as an industry leader in the recruitment, retention, and growth of BIPOC educators.

  • Develop and nurture authentic, trustworthy strategic partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities and peer independent schools.

  • Increase exposure and access to New England boarding schools for aspiring educators of color.

  • Activate recruitment and retention strategies to attract and hire newly graduated educators of color.

  • Develop programming for early-career BIPOC educators and HBCU students that provides a safe and supportive space for this cohort to expand their community and spark professional growth through workshops, networking, and social events.

  • Enhance the awareness of enrolled high school students to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Key Elements


Partner institutions are aligned with St. George’s principles, values, and actions embedded in the schools’ Diversity Vision Statement.


Partner institutions are committed to establishing and building relationships with all constituencies associated with university partnerships.


Partner institutions are prepared and willing to provide paid teaching fellowships to Building Bridges participants, and through these fellowships, schools are committing to employ all resources to support the personal and professional development of these teaching fellows.


Summer Teaching & Learning Institute

July 30 - August 3, 2024

St. George’s School and Building Bridges welcomes you to our Summer Teaching & Learning Institute, a partnership between Historically Black Colleges and Universities & Independent Schools.

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Building Bridges Program Director Dwayne Pina

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