St George's School Athletics - Boys Lacrosse

Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse Coach Information

  • Program Director- Head Coach
    Dan Leidl teaches English, works on strategic initiatives, coaches soccer, heads the boys’ varsity lacrosse program, and serves as a dorm parent in East Dormitory. Leidl earned his bachelor’s degree from Drew University, his master’s in child development from Tufts University, and his master’s in counseling and his Ph.D. in sports psychology from West Virginia University. Leidl has “dedicated his professional career to leadership development, the development of teams, and the advancement and maintenance of high achieving cultures ... in both large and small organizations, working with teams ranging from athletic and corporate to nonprofit and governmental.” He joined the St. George’s faculty in 2018.
  • Corwith Cramer is a teacher of English at St. George’s. Cramer teaches writing and maritime literature and has researched opportunities for student leadership. Cramer seeks to follow the example of Kurt Hahn by teaching “an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self-denial and above all, compassion.” Cramer also coaches on the sailing and swimming teams. When not on the Hilltop, Cramer can be found outdoors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in classics from Colby College and a master’s degree in the teaching of English from Columbia University’s Teachers College.