Madeira Hall Stage View


“Mean Girls”

“Mean Girls”, the brutally hilarious musical from book writer Tina Fey (30 Rock), lyricist Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde) and composer Jeff Richmond (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). This queen bee took Broadway by storm and has joined the musical in-crowd. Adapted from Fey's hit 2004 film, Mean Girls was nominated for a staggering 12 Tony Awards.
Mean Girls shield logo
Logo by Winston Yeung ’25


Ava Hill-Edgar ’24
Cady Heron

Duncan Van Norden ’25

Taylor Danielson ’24
Janis Sarkisian 

Emerson Daley ’25
Regina George

Alexandra Nourjian ’27
Gretchen Wieners 

Kate Fitzgibbons ’24
Karen Smith

Connor Hadfield ’25
Aaron Samuels

Christina Xiang ’24
Ms. Norbury
Featured Ensemble

Simone Azima ’25
Ms. George
Featured Ensemble

Catherine Atchison ’24
Ms. Duvall 
Featured Ensemble

Leo Wu ’27
Kevin G - Elephant
Featured Ensemble

JJ Richards ’25
Martina - Butterfly
“Apex Predator” Soloist
Featured Ensemble

Coco Liu ’25
Show Choir
Marymount Mathlete
Glenn Coco

Nicole Madsen ’24
Coach Carr - Butterfly
Featured Ensemble

Margaux Pew ’25
Mrs. Heron
Featured Ensemble

AJ Lontoc ’26
Shane Oman - Lion
Featured Ensemble

Millie Coval-Carapia ’26
Show Choir
Featured Ensemble

Reese Starling ’26
Show Choir
“Apex Predator” Soloist
Featured Ensemble

Allison-Shmily Ntreh ’27
Show Choir
Featured Ensemble

Jessica Yao ’27
Show Choir
“Fearless” Soloist
Featured Ensemble

Audrey Vachon ’27
Show Choir - Caroline Craft
Featured Ensemble

Nicole Drake ’24
French Teacher - Butterfly
Featured Ensemble

Angel Yu ’26
“Someone Gets Hurt” Dance Soloist
Featured Ensemble

Keira Kaali-Nagy ’25
Taylor - Grass
Featured Ensemble

Livia Klanian ’24
Marymount Mathlete
Featured Ensemble

Sadie Bolton ’26
Teary Girl - Butterfly
Featured Ensemble

Celia Schaper ’26
Featured Ensemble

Trish Horvath (Staff)
Fearless Cameo

Doug Lewis (Faculty)
Mathlete Moderator


Nicole Richards ’24
Lighting Manager

Keira Dussault ’26
Audio Engineer

Alice Lank  ’27
Stage Manager

PJ O’Leary ’25

Eric Lin ’26

Emma Zou ’27

Technical Director

Ted Sturtevant

Music Director

Dr. Kate Longo

Production Assistant

Nora Madrigal
Roy Williams

Director & Choreographer

Kaitlin Lawrence

Special Thanks

  • Cecilia Liu ’24 - Poster
  • Winston Yeung ’25 - Logo
  • Peter Davis and the Department of Music at Salve Regina University
  • Cheryl Larson - Wedding dress alterations
  • Parent Arts Committee
  • Communications Department