Current Production

"What Happens Monday"

An Original Musical

"What Happens Monday" is an original musical created by students, for students, through a creative process called “devising”, facilitated by Director Sarah Ploskina.

Creating scripts and scores from scratch allows students to connect with characters and storylines that both reflect and empower their sense of community and self in ways that the traditional canon of Musical Theater offerings for high schools do not. Allowed to be immediately responsive to contemporary application of issues facing young people today, the cast, crew, and student composing team created "What Happens Monday" out of many discussions about stereotypes: Why do so many people cling to them as identity, for themselves, and identification, for others? How can we break out of this cycle, to know each other and ourselves with more freedom and love?

This lighthearted snapshot of one momentous New Year’s Eve in a small-town diner will keep audiences of all ages chuckling, while considering the role of stereotypes in their own lives, past and present. "What Happens Monday" demonstrates what can happen when we give each other the time, space, and kindness to be ourselves.

Tessa Brown ‘23
Lana Gaige ‘20
Belle Garnett ‘22
Xiaoyang Hua ‘20
Ajay Naik ‘21
Madeline Oberting ‘21
Aristo Wang ‘20
Chyra Williams ‘20

Grace Ellison ‘22
Grace Gerstner ‘21
Sunjae Lee ‘20
Yasmin Serrano ‘22
Austin Walker ‘20

Stage Manager:
Lily Webber ‘22

Vincent Chen '22
Alex Wang '22
Daniel Ziadie '20

Sophia Carbone ‘22
Elijah de la Torre ‘22
Aristo Wang ‘20
Lily Webber ‘22

Saturday, Feb. 29 at 7 p.m.
Sunday, March 1 at 2 p.m.

Madeira Hall

Doors open 15 minutes before showtime.

Seat locations are first-come, first-served.
Pay what you can,
donations to benefit our Ramleh Service Program.
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