Students interested in the theater have opportunities for learning and exploration both in the classroom and during extracurricular-activity time in the afternoons.


Each season there are several Main Stage productions in Madeira Hall. The fall play, winter musical, and spring concert offer students a chance to showcase their talents, and shine!

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Theater Classes

Theater classes are part of SG’s arts curriculum and range from beginning coursework in the foundational skills of vocal projection, active listening, diction, presence, physical awareness, and script analysis to advanced study in performance, design and/or technology.

Afternoon Program

Budding actors, stage technicians and musicians have their chance the chance to shine. Large-scale productions — which have included classic Broadway musicals and modern interpretations of old favorites — require student-actors to audition for roles and attend regular rehearsals. Students interested in setting up lighting, making costumes and learning the ins-and-outs of putting on a big show, can join the stage crew. Each of these roles requires a considerable amount of time, commitment and effort. As a result, students can substitute a theatrical production for athletics as a part of the required afternoon activity.

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