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Always a Dragon.


Always a Dragon


St. George’s: 125 Years in the Making

Introducing Thunder Reunions

Some schools call these “cluster” reunions — when members of the class above and below the milestone year are invited to share in the celebration — but we Dragons are special.

A group of dragons is not a cluster, we're a thunder.

So, let's bring on the thunder!

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This is our horizon

Our strategic plan ensures that St. George’s draws from its location, its history, and its character a sense of limitless possibility. Put another way, it ensures that St. George’s gives to the world the young citizens, scholars, and leaders that it most needs.

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St. George's Campus Plan

The beauty of our campus is unrivaled and an essential resource to our school. That’s why we recently teamed up with Voith & Mactavish Architects LLP to create a plan for preserving and extending its beauty and functionality. Check out the 2023 St. George’s School Campus Plan online to see our thoughtful roadmap for the preservation of our historic buildings as well as our plans for revitalizing the architecture and landscape of the campus core. There’s lots of excitement on the horizon!

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