Interview & Tour

Step One
Student Information Form

Complete the student information form prior to scheduling your appointment.

Step Two
Interview & Tour

Interviews will resume this fall and will be offered September - January. Appointments will become available in August. Spring and summer tours are currently available for those who are interested.

If you are unable to visit our campus, Zoom interviews will also be available.

Visitor Policy

St. George’s welcomes visitors to our iconic campus, whether prospective students, alumni, or those attending on-campus events. For the purposes of this policy, visitors are defined as individuals who are not current students, employees, or the immediate family member of a campus resident.  

Prospective students and families, as well as alumni visiting campus, are requested to check in at the front desk in Old School. Prospective families will be provided instructions on their visit. Individuals who are not coming to campus as prospective families or to attend a specific event (e.g., an athletic contest) are asked to secure an employee sponsor who is aware of the visit and will take responsibility for the visitor while on campus. Visitors are asked to meet their sponsor at the front desk in Old School.