Tuition & Financial Aid

A St. George’s education is a significant investment in a student’s growth from adolescence to young adulthood. Our goal is to help make that education available to all those with the credentials and the desire to take advantage of the opportunity to attend.

Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance (2022-2023)  
Boarding Student tuition $69,650
Day Student tuition $48,375

Affording St. George’s

Thirty-two percent of our students receive financial-aid grants, and we will continue to bridge the gap for as many families as possible. This year we distributed $5.56 million in need-based grants to 119 students who would otherwise not have been able to join our community. The average boarding grant was $51,000.

St. George's will offer a space only to those students we can financially assist. If we are unable to offer financial assistance to an admissible student, that student will be placed on the waiting list until funds and a space become available.

Payment Schedule & Options

St. George’s traditionally bills twice during the year, in June and November. For those parents who want to pay on an installment basis, but who do not wish to take out a loan to do so, St. George’s offers access to a 10-month payment program through FACTS Tuition Management.

Financial Aid FAQ