Tuition & Financial Aid

A St. George’s education is a significant investment in a student’s growth from adolescence to young adulthood. Our goal is to help make that education available to all those with the credentials and the desire to take advantage of the opportunity to attend.

Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance (2019-2020)  
Boarding Student tuition $63,100
Day Student tuition $43,650

Additional costs to consider

Laptop Computer Program: St. George’s is committed to the use of technology as an important tool, both inside and outside of the classroom. As such, we require all students to participate in our Laptop Computer Program by purchasing a Windows PC or Apple Macbook Pro through our Technology Department. These laptops, which have recently cost approximately $2,600, come pre-loaded with Microsoft Office Professional and Adobe Suite CC software and come with a monogrammed L.L. Bean Quad Backpack. 

Technology Fee ($250): An annual fee is assessed to all returning students. This assists in funding the enhancement and support of the school’s computer network—including upgrades to wireless connectivity, online billing and payments, the website and online course-management system.

International Student Fee ($1,000): To assist in funding the additional support required to manage travel visa, a $1,000 fee is charged to all students requiring a Form I-20 in order to attend school in the United States.

Affording St. George’s

Thirty-two percent of our students receive financial-aid grants, and we will continue to bridge the gap for as many families as possible. This year we distributed $5.56 million in need-based grants to 119 students who would otherwise not have been able to join our community. The average boarding grant was $51,000.

St. George's will offer a space only to those students we can financially assist. If we are unable to offer financial assistance to an admissible student, that student will be placed on the waiting list until funds and a space become available.

Payment Schedule & Options

St. George’s traditionally bills twice during the year, in June and November. For those parents who want to pay on an installment basis, but who do not wish to take out a loan to do so, St. George’s offers access to a nine-month payment program through FACTS Tuition Management.

Compare interest free payment options

Payments per year 2 9
Payments Due 60% July 15
40% Dec. 15
Every month
May 1-Jan. 1
Interest Rate None None
Service Fees None  $100 per year
Insurance Optional Optional
Credit Check None None

The annual tuition cost can be paid directly to St. George’s, or families can sign up for a nine-month payment plan with FACTS. To learn more about the FACTS Payment Plan, visit their website here. 

For questions, contact the SG Business Office at 401-842-6781

Additional payment options

The Sallie Mae K–12 Family Education Loan is available to parents, family members or other creditworthy individuals who are citizens or permanent residents. Loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank, and not affiliated with St. George’s School. Credit criteria and eligibility requirements apply.

For more information, you can visit

For questions, contact the SG Business Office at 401-842-6781

Financial Aid FAQ

How is financial aid awarded?

Financial aid is awarded to families according to their level of financial need. The St. George’s Financial Aid Committee then reviews all cases individually in determining their final award.

Who fills out the PFS form if the parents are separated or divorced?

Both the custodial and non-custodial parent need to fill out a separate PFS, or to combine financial information on one PFS. In a situation where a parent has remarried, we require that the stepparent’s financial information also be listed on the PFS form.

Is financial aid available for international students?


Does St. George’s have any academic or athletic scholarships?

No, St. George's does not award merit based aid.

What is the St. George’s code used on the PFS form?


How do I answer No. 13 on the PFS form?

The question is really asking what you can realistically contribute toward your child’s education. Please do not leave it blank or answer zero.

Financial Aid process for returning families:

Our first priority each year is to fund the returning families that are currently receiving financial assistance from St. George’s.
•    After funding our returning students we make financial aid offers to newly admitted families.
•    Once we have funded our returning families and enrolled our new class, we look at the financial situations of returning families who are requesting aid for the first time.
•    The only families that will be considered at this stage are those that demonstrate a significant change in circumstances from the first time they applied.
•    If a family expects to be considered for aid at any time in their child’s SG career, we expect that an application for financial aid would be made at the time of application for admission.