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Captain's Log

  • 2019 Winter Voyage
Sailing North to Eleuthera

Caroline took the lead on her watch sailing us off the anchor and on our way north toward the island of Eleuthera. It was a 60 nautical mile trip and the wind was very light, so we motorsailed but had a pleasant passage. Caroline passed off the watch to Effie as we neared the south end of Eleuthera.  Alex took over for the next watch, and we enjoyed a nice sunset and moonrise. Jack and Olivia made pork fried rice with vegetables for dinner. Seamus took the final watch and guided us into Cape Eleuthera marina with James at the helm. Our arrival to the marina was a little earlier than planned, but we needed to find refuge for a strong cold front is due to pass through today (Sunday).

This morning we slept in and went for a drift snorkel and relaxed on the beach. Our plan is to wrap up schoolwork today and then explore the island by car tomorrow. 

  • 2019 Winter Voyage
New Bight, Cat Island

In the morning we sailed over to New Bight, just about 6 nautical miles away. James took the lead and did a great job, dropping anchor right off this small settlement on the south end of the island. After lunch we had a class on mangrove ecology and then went ashore to explore ashore. Once on the beach, we stood at the foot of the highest peak in the Bahamas. Fifteen minutes and 206 feet later we were on the top and exploring an interesting monastery perched on top of the hill. We spent the next hour or so exploring this small settlement and making a trip to the store, before returning to Geronimo for a late afternoon swim call as the sun was setting. For dinner, Brinley made a delicious lasagna and salad, and we enjoyed a peaceful night at anchor under a nearly full moon. 

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