The Humanities Department enriches students’ lives by cultivating curiosity, empathy, and citizenship.

While discovering new passions and interests, students experience diverse perspectives, sharpen critical thinking, build logical reasoning, participate in civil discourse, and learn to use resources effectively. Students practice synthesizing narratives and facts, bridging cultural divides, and transitioning from content knowledge to content fluency.

From our classes, they go forth with a critical eye and a firm sense of how past events and stories affect what life is like today and what it has the potential to become. Just as importantly, they emerge with adaptable skills to quickly adjust to changing demands in order to positively impact the world.

Geronimo Seminar

Students navigating on Geronimo

ENG 251, 253

Maritime Literature

Students in humanities classroom

HUM 522

Visions and Revisions

Students in outdoor classroom

HUM 552/A