Resources for Extra Help

The academic culture at St. George’s encourages students to take advantage of campus resources that provide extra help in all subject areas. Campus resources fall into two broad categories: individualized extra help through the Peer Tutoring programs and more informal support offered through campus “labs.” 

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is offered in science, languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin), and the arts. Peer tutors are trained and supervised by the Horton Center staff, but the program is largely student-run and administered. Peer Tutoring Heads match prospective students with tutors on an individualized basis. Prior to and after a tutoring session, tutors communicate with teachers regarding questions and content. The Peer Tutoring Program empowers students to support their peers and allows for meaningful learning opportunities and relationship-building among students.

Campus “Labs”

St. George’s offers several campus “labs,” which are walk-in extra-help sessions offered in the evening by student tutors. These tutors are identified by faculty members for their academic prowess and trained and supervised by the Horton Center staff. Campus labs are offered for STEM, Humanities, Language and Culture, and Visual and Performing Arts classes.