ACES! is a six-week course for new students designed to acclimate them to their new academic and campus environment.

Academics + Commitment + Effort = Success!

Under the guidance of St. George’s academic coaches, students learn about campus email, calendar, and homework management systems; discuss efficient and effective study strategies; explore topics such as procrastination, time management, and planning; learn about campus resources for extra help; and review the St. George’s grading system.

Consistent student feedback is encouraged on each topic the class curriculum addresses and the course is bolstered by a Resources Page found on St. George’s learning-management system, Canvas. Towards the conclusion of the class, current St. George’s students return to ACES! to share their experiences as a new student and offer advice to those just beginning at SG.

By focusing on the academic environment of SG, the commitment of an SG student to take advantage of campus resources, and the importance of effort in all classes, ACES! encourages new students to begin their SG careers on a successful path.

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ACES! taught us how to commit to our academic work and how to get a reasonable effort grade in our classes. Throughout the six weeks, we learned different methods on how to manage our classes while still thriving in a social way. We also talked about effort grades and how we can work and strive to get an “E” if we, as students, participate and contribute in classes.

Fourth-form Student