Horton Center - Academic One On One Coaching

Academic Coaching

At St. George’s, students have access to academic coaching through the Horton Center’s Instructional Services Program. The Instructional Services Department consists of three full-time academic coaches who work with third- through sixth-form students taking courses from introductory to advanced levels.
During individual, one-on-one, no-cost appointments, Instructional Services meetings emphasize executive function skills like planning, organization and time management, the development of study strategies, and the formation of strong communication and self-assessment skills.
Students have the opportunity to review nightly assignments; make an evening study plan; create a schedule for longer-range work like tests, papers, and projects; and evaluate the effectiveness of their own study environment. Meetings generally happen once per week during a student’s free period, though this schedule can vary according to a student’s individual needs.
Additionally, St. George’s academic coaches are in close contact with students’ advisors and teachers, giving the academic coaches broad understanding of the curriculum and demands in the St. George’s classroom.