Global Studies and Exchanges

Exposure to new ideas and experiences through St. George’s Global Studies Seminar, our Global Cultural Initiatives Program (GCIP) exchanges and study abroad opportunities help our students grow into independent thinkers with an appreciation and respect for diverse cultures throughout the world.

GCIP Program

Our GCIP program partners hands-on experience with a strong cultural awareness component. While living with a host family in London, Madrid or Paris, students participate in dynamic three-week internships, which have included conducting scientific research at the famed Curie Institut in Paris, learning about the hospitality industry at a hotel in Madrid, and seeing global economics from a different perspective at a financial firm in London.

Global Studies

The Global Studies Seminar is a yearlong elective course that focuses on the global forces that connect our world. Sixth-formers selected for the seminar spend a portion of the year conducting research on topics that range from geography to economics before traveling to countries such as Senegal, Iceland, Dominican Republic, Panama and Poland to continue their investigations first-hand. Upon their return, students compile their findings to share with the community during St. George’s Global Week. The opportunity to conduct in-depth research, travel abroad and present their work gives our students a global lens on the challenges that face our world.

Our Partner Schools

St. George’s enjoys partner relationships with forward-thinking schools across the globe. From our sister school in Shanghai, China, YK Pao, to VERSLO, the commercial college of Iceland, our partners share our passion for taking learning to the next level. When three students from South Africa visited St. George’s last year they fully immersed themselves in life on the Hilltop (and for a time we got a pretty good football player who had only played rugby up until then). Likewise, students who travel to our partner schools, which also include King’s Academy in Madaba-Manja, Jordan, and Bishops in Capetown, South Africa, come back with lifelong memories — and new international friends and connections.